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A Cruel Irony (A Tenma One-shot)

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first Astro Boy one-shot. This one is a one-shot focusing on important events from tenma's life and how it shaped him, based on my own ideas and theories concerning his background.

Unfortunately, this sucker is REALLY long, and unfinished currently. As a result of those two factors, I will be uploading each scene at a time as they're completed (it's kind of like a serial that way, you see).

Anyway, enjoy what I have for now. And feel free to leave me both positive feedback, and constructive critisism (just no flaming).

A Cruel Irony
(A Tenma One-shot)
by Prettywitchiusaka
Creative Consultants; AprilSeven and Astro Forever

The sky had been cloaked in an endless grey, making the lively green grass, or even the gravely brown dirt road look out of place by comparison. Yet despite this, the twelve year old Umatarou Tenma's mind was far away from that thought. Instead, he walked along the dirt road in silence. In his hand, he held a battered piece of paper. The paper read as follows; “Your task is to create your own idea for a small robot project. It can be anything, as long as it includes the basic principles we've been studying in class. It will be due April 16th.”

Upon it to himself, the young Umatarou could not help but sigh as he looked over the paper for what must have been the millionth time. Just what could he possibly make? He had thought of creating a model air plane with optical shields, his mind had even toyed with the idea of creating a robotic puppy that obeys one's every command. Yet with each idea, he simply shrugged his shoulders and was back at step.

“What ever it is, it must be perfect”, he thought to himself as he continued up the dirt road.

Suddenly, the young boy winced as a rubbery substance hit his body, causing him to take hold of his arm for a few seconds until the soreness disappeared. Upon looking up, his brown eyes caught something beside him on the ground; it was a shiny, crimson looking ball.

“Hey, Tenma”, cried a familiar voice that startled the brown eyed boy.

Once he looked up, he saw three familiar boys standing in his way. The boy in the middle was about four feet tall, with brown locks to shape his confident looking face. His white shirts was hidden neatly underneath his faded, blue overalls, and his purple jacket hung nicely across his waist. The friend on his right side had spiky blonde hair that shaped his sun glass-hidden cocky face, with green overalls that covered his mud-ridden white shirt. The friend on his right was a pudgy, short boy. His hair was short, yet tan coloured, and he was shirtless underneath his blue overalls. One thing each boy had in common however, was that they each wore matching pairs of Rocket Ball roller blades.

“O-Oh, hi Haruka”, Umatarou replied as he picked up the crimson ball. “I this...y-your ball?”

“Oh, looks like you found it. Thanks”, Haruka casually replied as he took the ball away from the smiling brown eyed boy. “Say, we need another player for our Rocket Ball team, you want in?”

“ thanks...I have to get going”, he explained.

“Ah come on; one round won't kill you”, the brown haired boy insisted.

“I'd rather not...Besides, I promised my parents I'd be home early...”, the brown eyed boy explained.

With a nervous chuckle, the brown eyed boy gave them a small wave goodbye before going on his way. Though once his back turned to them, all young Umatarou could do was let out a big sigh. As if his cheeks weren't already flushed enough his stomach felt as if it could explode at any given moment.

“You know that kid can't play Rocket Ball to save his life”, he heard Haruka's taller friend say.

“Ah, com one. Seeing that whimp screw up? That's totally worth the price of admission”, Haruka replied rather confidently.

“Yeah, I bet Umadork would fall flat if you tackled him”, he heard Hrauka's pudgy friend say.

The last thing he heard from them was their collective laughter, unfortunately, that was more than enough to anger the quiet boy.

“Ingrates”, he thought to himself as he continued on his way home.

To be continued...
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Aw! Poor tenma! I really want to
"My name is Jack Frost. How do I know that? Because the moon told me. So if the moon tells you something, believe it..." ~jack frost, Rise of The Guardians
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Thank you. I'll try and get scene two up when I get the chance.
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Hello everyone, I apologize for the lack of updates. All this week, I was relegated to studying for two exams I had, and I went on a small get-away trip with my parents in order to relax last night. But, I'm back now, so let's get this started where we left off.

It had only been a few minutes, and yet Umatarou could feel relief wash over him as he took a sharp turn into the grassy plane. In front of him stood a cozy, white-wooded house. True, the house seemed desperate for a paint job, the roof's dark brown shingles were slowly eroding away, even the window panes were in need of a good dusting. Though the smiling boy could care less; as far as he was concerned, he was home.

Slowly, he began to make his way up the grassy path when he heard the sound of barking. Upon looking up, Umatarou's brown eyes lit up as he saw a familiar black blur run towards him; it was Charcoal, the family sheep dog. He ran with excited speed; his tail wagging back and forth, his tongue hanging out, his fur moving every which way he grew closer towards the smiling boy.

“Charcoal”, Umatarou happily cried as the dog tackled him to the ground. Honestly though, his smile remained on his face as he began to pet the panting dog.

“Hi boy. Did you miss me”, he asked as he was attacked by a sudden swarm of dog kisses.

“Okay, okay...Alright boy; Sit”, he commanded. Almost at once, the big, happy dog obeyed him. “Good boy.”

“I bet someone wants a treat, huh”, the boy asked in a playful tone, one his dog was ever so responsive to as he playfully wagged his tail. “Okay, let's go inside.”

“With just that simple phrase, he began to walk up the creeky stairs to the porch, his dog following behind his master's every step. After opening the brown door, the duo quickly stepped inside. Umatarou then quickly closed the door before taking off his muddy, brown boots. The inside of the house seemed much more inviting than its exterior suggested, mixing its painted walls with brown hardwood floors, the decent looking furniture lamps helped as well.

As the boy and his dog walked into the kitchen, he couldn't help but notice a tall woman, with long black hair washing the dishes over the sink. Sure enough, the woman turned around, a big smile on her face as she noticed him standing right across her. Umatarou returned the smile his mother, Kuuki Tenma gave him.

“Hi mom”, the boy happily said as he embraced his mom in a small hug, one she accepted wholeheartedly.

“Hello Umatarou”, she sweetly replied as they smiled at one another. However, they became interrupted as the young boy felt something tugging at his back pocket.

Sure enough, it was Charcoal, a begging look in his eyes as he began to whine impatiently. Even though he was used to this by now, Umatarou could not help but laugh, and neither could his mother.

“So, did you have a good day”, he heard her ask him as he walked over to the refrigerator, his dog following right alongside him.

“Yeah; in fact, our class got our first assignment on robotics in Science”, the young boy explained as he grabbed a juicy piece of bacon from today's breakfast.

“Oh, good. You've been hoping for one of those for awhile”, he heard her enthusiastically reply as he held the bacon strip over the excited Charcoal.

“Yeah, I just wish I knew what I was going to do with it”, he replied as he finally let the bacon strip drop to the ground, catching the big dog catch it before running off to eat his prize in peace.

“Well, don't force one out of your head. It'll come eventually”, she sweetly explained to the young boy, causing him to smile.

“I know”, he replied.

“You sure about that sport”, asked a gruff, yet friendly voice that caught Umatarou’s attention.

As the boy turned around, his face instantly lit up as he saw who was sitting comfortably in the family room chair. The man in question was a middle aged looking fellow, though still fairly youthful in his appearance.
His arms were strong and beefy, though they could not hold up to any body builder. The same could be said for his torso, which was covered by a stained, white tank top and baby blue jeans. His black hair would look perfectly quaff if it were not slathered in thick, shiny grease. Most striking though, was his face; firm chin, confident brown eyes, and a smile that would welcome anyone in.

“Hi dad”, Umatarou replied as he walked over to and stood beside his father’s chair. Seeing this, his father folded his newspaper onto his lap.

“ Hey sport”, the older gentlemen casually remarked as he tussled the boy’s hair, making him smile. “So, you finally got that assignment you’ve been wanting, huh?”

“Yeah; I just need to wait for an idea, that’s all”, the young boy explained as he watched his father shine a confident smile his way.

“That’s my boy”, he said rather confidently, causing the boy to shy away from his father’s gaze.

“So, did you make any friends today”, he heard his father ask, causing him to fall silent.

“Uh...not really...” the young boy remarked. “But, I did run into Haruka and his friends on the way home. They asked me if I wanted to play Rocket Ball, but I turned them down.

“Well, you should have taken their offer”, he heard his mom say from way back in the kitchen. “They probably needed someone else to play with.”

“Something like that”, the young boy bluntly remarked.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me; we’re still on for the big Rocket Ball game in Metro City this weekend, right dad”, Umatarou asked in anticipation.

“I’d love to son, but unfortunately, your old man’s got some last minute business to take care of this weekend. You know how the horse radish business is”, his old man explained to him.

“What? But you promised”, the young boy replied.

“I know son”, his old man explained as the young boy felt his gruff hand on top of his black hair. “Maybe some other time. Okay?”


“Umatarou”, his father sternly remarked. Upon seeing that stern grimace, the young boy could do nothing but take in a deep sigh.

“I understand. I’ll be up in my room”, he told his father as he made his way towards the carpeted stairs, all while his dog followed him in close pursuit.

“Don’t forget to practice your scales”, he stopped to hear his father say. “If you ever want to get anywhere in this world, you have-”

“I know; you must develop skill sets” the young boy remarked as he continued his way up the steps.

To be continued...

As always, let me know what works and what doesn't, and feel free to provide any helpful critisisms along the way (grammatical or otherwise).
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I find it interesting that you provide a background of Tenma's relationship with his own father!

I don't know what else to say for the moment, I'll wait to see where you will lead us...

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Thanks. For me, showing Tenma's relationship to his father is the perfect set-up to show-case life being cruel to him in the worst way imagienable.

Oh, I forgot to mention this, but Tenma's father's name is Tohru.

Anyway, onto scenes three through five. Enjoy!

The tiny, white boarded room Umatarou sat in was very ordinary. There was a small, wood-framed bed off to the side where his dog was currently laying, with a tiny wood night stand beside it. Its only furniture was a white shaded lamp, and an ordinary black alarm clock. High above the bed was a tiny, circular window. Across the bed stood a sturdy, wooden dresser. Though most noteworthy was the sturdy bookshelf beside the bedroom door; its top shelf was messy. There were piano books, stuffed with sheet paper sticking out from each book. The other shelves however, were much tidier; they were filled with books of Sherlock Holmes adventures, Phillip K. Dick collections and novels, and even a few books on basic robotics.

As he sat at his piano, the young Umatarou felt calm, relaxed even as he overlooked the sheet music for Tchacolvski’s Romeo and Juliet overture. Effortlessly, was how his hands moved across the keyboard. The sounds he produced were enough to satisfy him. That is, until he heard something rather unpleasant; one of the notes sounded. Now overtaken by frustration, he tried again; it still sounded off. With a defeated sigh, the young boy lifted his fingers away from the keyboard. The moment was now gone, and the young boy was merely left to wonder his thought almost aimlessly, especially his memories of the past few hours.

You know that kid can't play Rocket Ball...

Seeing that whimp screw up? That's totally worth the price of admission

I bet Umadork would fall flat if you tackled him...

He could hear their collective voices, even their laughter echoing in his head. His face became dreary as he remembered their words, he could not even help that his hand clenched itself into a fist. Yet something else caught his eye; it was Charcoal, chewing on his school work as if it were going out of style.

“Charcoal, no”, Umatarou yelped as he ran towards his bed. “Put that piece of paper down, right now!”

At first, the big dog just stared at the boy, with his blue eyes wide and shiny. The young boy however, stood his ground. It only lasted for a few brief seconds, but he eventually began to smile as he saw the dog release the somewhat chewed up paper from his teeth.

“Good boy”, he sweetly replied, even resting his small hand on the dog's soft head. He even let the playful animal slobber his cheek in puppy kisses, making him chuckle before he let out a big sigh.

“You're the only one who listens to me, huh boy”, he asked the happy looking creature.

In fact, just hearing his own words made him silent. Suppose that there was someone who would listen to him? Suppose...Suppose...

“Wait...That's it! I know what to do boy”, Umatarou cried out, only for his dog to tilt his head in confusion.

Quickly, he opened the top drawer to his nightstand to take out a pencil, and a worn out notepad. As he made himself comfy on his bed, the young boy flipped it open to a clean page, and immediately put pencil to paper where it stayed. By now, his black clock read 9:15. For Umatarou though, he seemed too absorbed in his current passion to even bother with time.
.................................................. ............................
Slowly, Umatarou positioned the steel electrode between two unconnected wires. Once the rod was in position, he flipped his helmet plate over his goggles as he began to start the device on top of the two wires. Almost instantly, a soft blue light began to light up the dimly lit room, creating a heated friction which began to mold the two wires into one. Once that was finished, the room returned to its original mood lighting as Umatarou began to look over the design plans.

“So this is what you've been working on, huh sport”, said a voice which startled the young boy. Once he turned around however, he came face to face with a familiar figure.

“Oh, hi dad”, Umatarou replied as he lifted up his helmet plate.

“Hi son”, Tohru casually remarked as he leaned over to see his son's work, all he saw was a small, yet round looking robot skeleton. “So, that much work in three days? You must be exhausted.”

“A little; I just need another hour or so, and I'll have the exoskeleton done”, the young boy explained.

“Another hour”, his father asked. “But it's already eleven.”

“I know”, he replied as he began to look over his plans again, completely absorbed that he barely felt his father's gruff hand on his shoulder.

“Listen sport; you've been working late for a few nights now, why not take a break and catch up on some rest”, he heard his father suggested as his eyes remained intent on his designs.

“Thanks dad, but I really don't feel tired right now. I'll got o bed as soon as I'm done okay”, the young boy replied.

“That's sweet of you Umatarou, but your mother and I would prefer if you went to bed now”, the boy heard his father say as he unleashed an annoyed sigh.

“I'm fine dad”, he bluntly explained.

“But son-”

“I said I'm fine”, he finally yelled out. Yet when he turned to face his father, all he saw was a surprised looking face. “Uh...Sorry about that...”

“Oh...Uh...Don't worry about it sport...”, his father managed to say before he became silent. “Well...Goodnight...”

At first, Umatarou did nothing. The only thing he could do was sit in his chair, staring down at his nearly completed project. After awhile though, the young boy turned around to face his father directly, only to see the door to his room close. He stared at the door for awhile, almost unable to take his eyes off of it. Though with a small bite of his lip, he just returned to his desk.
.................................................. .........................................
A smile grazed Umatarou's tired looking face; a satisfied, delighted smile. What caused his smile, was what he held in his hand; it was a teddy bear. Its body was round and plump, with nice golden “fur”. It's limbs and ears were just as soft and rounded as its body, and its face (especially its eyes) we're so jovial looking. Why, no one would ever suspect that such an ordinary looking toy was in fact a small robot.

For quite some time, he couldn't even take his eyes off his creation. He kept pushing its little button nose, watching as its eyes flicked on and off, even moving its arm up and down before placing it onto his bed.

“You're my best friend, Micro Bear”, Umatarou told the little bear.

“I know I am, and you're my friend too”, the little bear responded rather jovially, causing Umatarou to smile.

From where he sat on the plastic floor, Charcoal could only tilt his head in confusion at the tiny bear. Leaping onto the medium sized bed, he observed the bear rather intently, he even began to sniff it rather cautiously. As soon as the bear turned to face him however, the big dog backed away as quickly as possible.

“Hi Charcoal, I'm Micro Bear. Would you like to be my friend”, the little bear cheerfully asked him.

Unfortunately, this did nothing for Charcoal as he began to bark at the little bear. Seeing this however, Umatarou could not help but chuckle. Even then, his gaze still drifted away from the big beast to stare at the ground in contemplation.

“You look lonely Umatarou”, said a voice which startled him back into reality, turning his head to see the tiny little bear right next to him.

“Oh...I guess...”, the young boy replied in an almost apologetic manner.

“Do you want to talk about it”, the robot asked its creator.

“Not really...”, he replied.

“Okay then; just remember that I'm always here to listen to you, because I'm you're friend”, the little bear
happily explained. Hearing those words, they actually made the young boy smile towards the little robot he picked up once more.

“I know you are”, Umatarou replied as the little bear gave him a smile.

To be continued...

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Hey guys. Well, scene six is officially here. Enjoy!

Right now, Umatarou's small classroom was engulfed in chit-chat. This was not unusual, after all, it was three o'clock on a Friday. Usually though, his classmates (himself included) were usually on their way home by now. Today however, they were all gathered around his desk, or rather, the adorable creature that sat atop his desk; the Micro Bear.

“So, do you really think I should try talking to her”, a young brown haired girl named Mamimi asked the little bear.

“Why certainly! After all, how is she suppose to know that you were only looking out for your friend? Especially if you don't talk to her”, Micro Bear sweetly explained.

“Really? Oh thank you Micro Bear”, she sweetly replied. “And thank you Umatarou; you've really outdone yourself this time.”

“Oh, uh...thank you...”, Umatarou replied as he rubbed the back of his head, his cheeks were even beginning to flush.

“Hey Umatarou”, replied a voice he recognized. Upon turning around, he came to find that the voice belonged to a cheerful looking Haruka.

“Uh, oh...Hi Haruka...”, the young boy replied rather unenthusiastically.

“Jeez, what are you getting all whimpy on me for? I just dropped by to tell you how cool your project is”, the confident boy explained.

“Really”, he asked.

“Yeah. In fact, I was wondering if you wanted to play Rocket Ball right now? You can bring the bear... if you want”, he politely offered , all as Umatarou eyed him suspiciously.

“That's funny; I thought I couldn't play Rocket Ball to save my life”, the young boy remarked.

“What? Oh, well that was yesterday. Today's today”, Haruka explained.

“I see...”, Umatarou bluntly remarked as he got up from his seat. “If you don't mind, I think I'll just go home. Come on Micro Bear.”

On command, the little bear marched over towards the edge of the desk and hopped into its creators arm. He then slung his backpack over his shoulder as he made his way towards the door.

“Tenma? Hey, Tenma”, he heard Haruka screech, and just as his hand made it to the door too. “Come on, what's the big deal? We're not gonna kill it or anything-”

“No...”, the young boy said as he turned to face the surprised looking Haruka.

“You wouldn't even understand my creation!”, he yelled before leaving the room completely.

To be continued...
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this is great i love your ideas
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You got me, Prettywitchiusaka! I didn't expect the Micro Bears episode to be expanded like that, well thought.
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Originally Posted by Astro Forever View Post
You got me, Prettywitchiusaka! I didn't expect the Micro Bears episode to be expanded like that, well thought.
Thanks. I actually like the idea of expanding on the Micro Bear, so conceiving these scenes were a lot of fun.

From a story perspective, I felt it made sense for Tenma's character at this point. That logically, if he can't have friends, he'll "literally" make them.
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