Atlas Forever

Atlas Forever (アトラスよ永遠に, Atorasu yo eien ni) is the forty-third episode in the 80’s series and was first broadcast in Japan on October 21st, 1981. 1)

When our space stations around Saturn and Jupiter were attacked, the word went out - Atlas did it. A hundred ships went after one robot and Atlas fought them all off! Was he guilty or just defending himself. Maybe we had the wrong enemy! Next time Atlas and I found ourselves fighting side by side against invaders from another galaxy.2)


When explorer crafts and space stations had been attacked around Saturn and Jupiter, it is assumed Atlas is the culprit. Because of this, it is decided Atlas must be destroyed. Although Astro wants to talk to Atlas first to reason with him, his wishes are denied and men soon go out to combat Atlas. However it turns out the accusation was false and Atlas had nothing to do with the happenings. Regardless, Atlas decides to fight Astro upon encountering him.

Livian begs from the crystal castle not to battle, for the two are brothers. This information shocks Astro, as he did not know this. Although initially displeased with Livian disclosing this information, Atlas uses this to ask Astro if it will encourage him to join his side, being turned down once again.

Men pursue Atlas, managing to successfully injure him, the UFOs are then spotted soon after. Back on Earth, Dr. Elefun speculates they were the true culprits of the destruction Atlas had been falsely accused of. While discussing the circumstances of Atlas and the invaders, it is discovered the invaders plan on approaching Earth. Meanwhile, Atlas is being repaired on the crystal castle.

Astro and the others go to confront the invaders in space, damaging many of the UFO ships, however many manage to reach Earth and start attacking the surroundings. Astro tries to confront them, but his energy depletes and he falls unconscious. During his black out, much of the Earth has been attacked and much of the Earth’s defence forces have been cut down. Astro grieves the current and possible future losses of Earth.

After Atlas’ innocence in the situation has come to light, Astro decides to search for Atlas in space so he can help save the Earth. Astro tries to convince Atlas that the attacks towards him were a misunderstanding, but Atlas retorts that he hopes they all die. Astro goes on to say that although humans can bully, he has made many human friends and they can be Atlas’ friends too. Atlas still wishes death to humans despite Astro’s efforts. Since the invaders are finally coming for their second round on the Earth, Astro promptly leaves without Atlas. Livian comments to Atlas that if his brother were human he would have shed tears, this and Astro’s words start to sink in as Atlas thinks of them.

Captain Killy, one of the men, perishes as he tries to confront the invaders. Although Atlas finally decides to help Astro defeat the invader threat with the power of his crystal castle. Atlas tells Astro if he makes it out alive the two will meet again as brothers and he will no longer try to harm humans. Livian stays aboard the crystal castle even though Atlas had asked her to leave, however he decides not to object to her wish to stay. The crystal castle becomes a black substance which absorbs the remaining invader threat like a black hole.

Astro mourns the apparent loss of Atlas.


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