Astro Boy Fanart

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Astro Boy Fanart

Postby racoonangel » 2 weeks ago

This is a piece of fan art I created a couple months back. I haven't visited this forum in years and decided to come back to say hello. When I first joined this forum I was super inspired to draw because of Astro Boy and this forum. I appreciate everyone on here so much for believing in me and encouraging my art when I first began. I am now going to school for animation actually! My user on instagram is very much inspired by Astro Boy too, since I refer to myself as Astro Girl draw lol. Anyway I hope you enjoy this little treat!
astroboy fanart.jpg
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Instagram: astrogirl_draws

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Re: Astro Boy Fanart

Postby Shiyonasan » 2 weeks ago

Welcome back! I remember you from back in the day whenever the forum was more active. I'm glad this forum gave you confidence to start drawing and to now attend animation school.

Nice artwork! It reminds me of fan art done by a Tumblr user named shrimposaurus: ... -astro-boy

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Re: Astro Boy Fanart

Postby DrFrag » 2 weeks ago

That's great! :w00t:

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Re: Astro Boy Fanart

Postby AstroAllies » 1 week ago

This is very good. :D

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