My Mary Sue/Gary Stu Test

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My Mary Sue/Gary Stu Test

Postby Earthshine » 7 years ago

One day I got bored so I decided to make up a test that would judge whether or not the character that you created would be a Mary Sue. If you don't know what a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu is please feel free to look it up.

Please be patient with the fact that this test is a little long-winded, and please forgive any MILD LANGUAGE, I went through and 'edited' some language but I probably missed some things, if there are some things that are little 'ify' please tell me and I'll get right on it. I'd give this test a solid PG to PG-13 rating.

I also made this test about four years again and have been tweaking it ever since. Mostly the point system because I want to be sure that the points are fair. So far I think it's okay.

Please tell me what you think!


Rama Olendris’s/Earthshine Original/Fan Character Type Test.
Is your character a Mary-Sue?

This test is to reveal if you have made your original character into a Mary Sue. The test will also reveal what type of person they are. Please, while taking this test be HONEST to yourself and your character. And as always, if a question does not apply directly to your character please choose the answer that is most near to what they are/would do. Also, have fun with this.

You will need: A calculator. Please add the points next to the answers that best suit your character in response to the questions.

1.) What is your character’s sexual attractiveness? How good looking are they?
They cannot get any more sexy and beautiful. (40)
They are very alluring. They turn quite a few heads. (20)
They are fairly good looking, but they wouldn’t win a beauty pageant. (15)
No more sexy or good looking than anyone else. (10)
If they wore ten pounds of makeup then they might be something to see. (5)

2.) How many mistakes has your character made?
A few here and there. (15)
None, they are perfect. (40)
No more than anyone else. (10)
Only one and they will never repeat it. (20)
Tons. (5)

3.) How intelligent is your character?
About average, but they have one or two things in which they excel. (10)
They are no fool. (15)
They are fairly dumb. (5)
They are a genius. (40)
They do have/could have a degree from a prestigious private school (but are not a genius). (20)

4.) What is your character’s social status?
They barely eat. (5)
They are about middleclass; they live and can get some toys. (15)
Not poor, but could use an extra dime here and there. (10)
Filthy rich, they have so much money they could never spend it all. (40)
They live in comfort and can buy most anything, but have limits. (20)

5.) How physically fit are they?
They are out of shape. (5)
Body of the gods. (40)
They are athletic. (20)
They could exercise more, but are not too bad. (10)
Fitter than most. (15)

6.) Scenario time! Your character is in a fight, what happens?
They are beaten up, they probably lose. (10)
They destroy all opponents without getting hurt once. (40)
They run away. A fight means death. (5)
They are hit once or twice, it was a lucky shot, but they win. (20)
They win some and lose some. (15)

7.) Your character is in a situation where the probability of death is 99%, do they die?
They are a miracle worker, they live. (20)
They are lucky sometimes. (15)
They die. (5)
There –is- that 1% chance of life… but… it’s very unlikely they live. (10)
They can never die, they live. (40)

8.) How well known is your character in your world/the world they live?
They have quite the reputation. (20)
Almost everyone knows their name. (40)
Their world wouldn’t know or care if they vanished. (5)
They are only well known in one area. (15)
They are an average Joe. But have lots of friends. (10)

9.) Your character just meets the world’s most beautiful person, what happens?
Colors fly and it is love at first sight, they eventually get married. (40)
Nothing unusual or abnormal. Just another meeting. (5)
What are you talking about? They ARE the most beautiful person in the world! (50)

10.) How talented is your character?
They are a blundering oaf. (5)
They are multi talented and/or are well known for one of them. (15)
They can do many things, and they are an expert at all of them. (40)
They have one or two things that they are good at. (10)

11.) Back story! What fits your character the most?
They are the ‘chosen one’/one in a million/cursed one/the special savior/god reincarnate or the elite of all. (40)
They were born nobility/royalty and/or have duties which they must do. (20)
They are a supporter for the common good/bad/whatever. They support! (15)
They were born. But have a fairly active and interesting life. (10)
They eat, sleep, poop, and do their own thing. (5)

12.) This is for fan characters only, if your character is not a fan character then skip to question 14! Do they know/have they met the protagonist or any other major character of the world in which they exist?
No. They just live in the same world. (1)
Yes, and they are/were romantically involved with them. (40)
I don’t know. They were in situations where they might have. (5)
Yes, and they met them once or twice/used to know them or worked with them. (20)

13.) Fan characters only. Is your character stronger than the protagonist/strong man of the series? (if this does not apply due to the nature of the world, replace ‘stronger’ with the world’s equivalent suitable descriptive word such as; intelligent, magically advanced, popular, more skilled in _____).
Yes, they are unbeatable; they even gave the protagonist a lesson. (100)
They are about equal in strength. (20)
They are only stronger if in their element/it depends on the situation. (15)
No. (1)
The protagonist killed my character. (5)

14.) For original characters in their own world only, if not a 100% original character skip to question 16. Their world is under siege! What happens?
Your character rushes into battle, brings down the baddie, and returns home. Your character has done this too many times. OR they are the baddie. (40)
They fight valiantly; it depends on who and what they are fighting if they live. (20)
They die or are caught up in that siege. (10)
They cause/try to cause hell for that person. (15)
Nothing/they watch it unfold/other. (5)

15.) Original characters only. A situation came up! They were slipped a roofy/ something equivalent to a heavy sleeping agent and are about to be ravaged. What happens?
What can be done? They are ravaged. (5)
They wake up and kill that person! (100)
It’s happened before, the roofy, the ravaging or both. (10)
The agent has no effect on them. (40)

16.) For everyone again. Does everyone like your character?
Yes, they are very well loved by everyone who knows them. (40)
They have only one enemy/bad relationship. (20)
Most like them. But they have made some bad relations. (15)
They are an asshole; and/or very few like them. (10)
No one knows enough about them to like or dislike them. (5)

17.) They are killed, what happens?
They are already dead…. (10)
They die. (5)
They are just resurrected, they can’t die! (40)
They are killed. But it took a whole lot of work on whoever killed them. (15)

18.) Do they have ‘super powers’ or equivalent?
No. (5)
Yes, many. (40)
Only one. (20)
Probably not. (10)
They are just… abnormal. (15)

19.) Ah blessed old age, how do they fare as a senior citizen?
They will never age so say I. (40)
They fare pretty well actually. Healthy and happy.(5)
They are a robot/elf/Faye/ghost, they can’t age like that. (10)
They don’t do well at all; they get cranky, mean and are ill. (5)
They are normal. (5)

20.) Last question! I’m out of ideas… Have you been answering honestly? 100% honestly?
Yes. (0)
No. (4,000)

Now add up your score and see where you’ve put your character at on the results page!

My Score Is;


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Postby Earthshine » 7 years ago

Result Page.

Over 4,000.
Do it over, and this time don’t be dishonest.

Less than 160. Average Joe
Your character is either yourself or just your everyday person. They couldn’t be any less of a Mary Sue if they tried. Having an average character doesn’t always mean boring! World History is made of the under dog. Go you for not making a Mary Sue!

Some real characters that got this result; Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakushou, Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings, Huckleberry Fin, Alfred Pennyworth from Batman, Fred Flintstone, and Matsuda from Death Note.

160 – 280. Intrepid Entity
You have a well balanced character, they have things in which they are good at, and they know how good they are (or not), but they are not perfect. If they are gods they are not pompous, if they are Faye they are not arrogant (or then again, maybe they are!). They are at the perfect medium of badass and intricacy and realism. They are the stuff that makes interesting stories sell. Go you, you created a realistic interesting character.

Some real characters that got this result; The Joker, Yuusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakushou, Wolfram von Biefeldt from Kyou Kara Maou, Dragon Shiryuu from Saint Seiya, Zero from Megaman X, Doctor Frasier Crane, Tenshinhan from Dragon Ball and Fang from Maximum Ride.

280 – 360 Mary Pseu (A pseudo Mary Sue)
Your character is like Mary Poppins; they come off as practically perfect in every way, but they still have some major flaws, which isn’t a bad thing at all. They are also like Bruce Wayne, they seem perfect to the general public but in reality may have some serious mental errors. But be careful with this one, too much of perfection can lead to the unfortunate marriage of Mary Pseu and Mary Sue.

Some real characters that got this result; Batman/Bruce Wayne, Son Goku, Casshern and Saori Kido/Athena from Saint Seiya.

Over 360 Mary Sue/Gary Stew
Congratulations, you have made yourself a Mary Sue. No one likes a Mary Sue really, only the creator likes a Mary Sue. They are like ugly mean children, only loved by the parent. If they are gods then they are indeed godly, however even in ancient myths gods occasionally fell. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and strength can be overthrown by a single shot. Too much notoriety makes a boring one-sided world free from creativity and closes doors for your character. I suggest going back to the drawing board and altering some key things about them noted in this test. Maybe it was the intelligence that tipped your scale, maybe the beauty, the strength, the immortality, the notoriety or perhaps it has nothing to do with the character itself, but your own opinion of them. Then again… maybe having a Mary Sue/Gary Stew can play in your favor. If that’s the case- be careful with them.

Some real characters that got this result; Alucard from Helsing and Sebastian from Black Butler.

Final Word: This test is to give a GENERAL clue to whether your character is an average Joe, intrepid entity, Mary Psue or a Mary Sue. By no means is this test 100% accurate. It is highly encouraged to maintain creativity regardless of results. This test was also designed to test the individual’s personal feelings towards their character and not the character themselves, which ultimately decides if a character is a Mary Sue or not.

Just for fun; Do you have the results of well-known fictional characters? Go ahead and list them with their result below! Note though, make sure to quiz them as original characters in their own world!
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Postby Little Brown Fox » 7 years ago

My interpretation of Cobalt got a 265. I am actually somewhat pleased with this; I love my characters (or characters that I reinterpret, rather, to the point as if though they were my own), and I'd hate to make a Mary Sue by accident, for the very reason that everyone tends to hate them (not that all of them are bad, though; there are probably some pretty well liked borderline-Sues out there somewhere...).

... I still feel a little off about this result, though. Because there are such things as Mary Sues in the opposite end of the spectrum you have presented: the perpetually down-trodden Sues, who always end up extremely lucky and are often "blessed" with a myriad of supernatural powers- so many, in fact, that it could make your head spin.

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Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 7 years ago

Well, I hate to say this but .... On a quick pass with the HP11C, I think Astro adds up to a 381.
Unless I misunderstood some of the questions.
(I interpolated a few of the answers between your suggestions.)

BTW, here is another test site.
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Postby Earthshine » 7 years ago

Thanks for taking the time you two to take this quiz. I'm really hesitant about the fairness of the point system and it's been a work in progress over the last four years. I based the questions to target certain elements that make a character a Mary Sue (gross intellect, beauty, notoriety and admiration, physical strengths and super human powers) but while also targeting the creator's own opinion of their character.

While a character might have super human abilities and intellect it doesn't necessarily mean that they are a Mary Sue (though some might argue that). It's when it becomes irritatingly so apparent that they are special that I feel most people would definitely agree that a character is a Mary Sue.

This test is to calculate how many strong Mary Sue-ish attributes a character has, and just getting two or three 40 point questions won't make your character a Mary Sue. It's when your character is CONSTANTLY getting these that makes them Mary Sue-like.

However it's all how a character is PRESENTED that makes them truly annoying and Mary Sue-like, Sebastian from Black Butler got enough points to qualify him as a Mary Sue but he is not entirely annoying to most people. Having a character with Mary Sue qualities does not always mean bad things I think.

I'll check out that other site very soon. I love these kinds of tests!

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Postby Little Brown Fox » 7 years ago

Mmm, I still think that my interpretation is fairly Mary Sue-ish, but it's not quite so obvious in my public works, so much as it is in my own thoughts/daydreams. But it was borne of a desire to make a character that was "not so special", special...

I do try to tone it down in the public works, but he's still pretty emo. :\

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Postby Juanita » 7 years ago

I tested my latest character and he is an "intrepid entity" probably because I can't have him die. He is the main character, and if he died there's not much to write about anymore...

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Postby SuwaHana » 7 years ago

I used this test specifically for my Astro Boy OC. She is the definition of self-insert, so I've been worried about her personality for a while, but after putting her through multiple Mary Sue tests and getting the same result, I think she's good.
>she got the same rating as Zero
Here's where she would gush. On a side note, I wonder what score X would get... Oh whatever, he's basically Atom, so he's fine.

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Postby toxicXheart » 7 years ago

I got a 280 for my lithium and my fiancé got a 310 for his character, he said that the result matches his character perfectly
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Postby Windswept Cloak » 7 years ago

My OC Yuuki Kawashiro got 200. ;)

Thank goodness she's not a Mary Sue, or close to one.
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