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Ataru Moroboshi
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Postby Ataru Moroboshi » 9 years ago


Robot: So, isn't this that famous Stable in Bethlehem?

Astro: (Shut up, would ya? He brings GOLD! I promise we'll throw that stinking incense and the mhyrr later).

Yeah: Monty Python.

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Postby Satus » 9 years ago

Dr. Tenma: (Loud fart noise.)
Robot: (Speechless.)
Astro: "Geez-Louise! Dad, what did you eat?!"

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Postby jeffbert » 9 years ago

"What the-- Sapphire just married Plastic? Talk about surprise endings, this takes the cake!"

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Postby Shiyonasan » 9 years ago


Robot: Dr. Tenma looks like a fire-breathing rooster when he eats that extra-spicy curry, doesn't he?

Atom: I've been telling him to quit buying the stuff...

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Postby Dragonrider1227 » 9 years ago

Astro: OH NO! IT'S WEEGEE!!!

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Postby Fauna » 9 years ago


Halfway through Orrin's rap solo, Dr. Tenma entered, totally killing the groove in the room.

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the 鉄腕アトム fan
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Postby the 鉄腕アトム fan » 9 years ago

Atom; I knew I shouldn't seen Night of the Living Astro. :d oh:
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Anime Girl
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Postby Anime Girl » 9 years ago


ORIN: (frozen with fear)

ASTRO: (gasp) Uh dad. don't look now, but there's a giant man eating plant behind you.
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Postby Astro Forever » 9 years ago

Time to choose a winner? :)

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Silent Song
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Postby AprilSeven » 9 years ago


Astro slams the notebook cover down just as Dr. Tenma enters the room

"I thought I told you two I didn't want to see you wasting valuable study time on that ridiculous FORUM posing as fangirls!!"

:eek: :lol:

:astro: - "I'd NEVER do that! Robots can't lie!"

:tenma: - "Tell that one to Cora and Hamegg!"
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