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adrian _68
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Caption the Comic Game

Postby adrian _68 » 14 years ago

Here's a new game that you could feast on (I hope). ;)
The rules is that you could make your own dialog by wether photoshopping the image and writing the words in order or you could just post and quote using the numbers I made on the pages. For Example.


1. Look over there!
2. Wow!
3. Wait a minute!
4. Aw!
5. Stay with me, okay.

I hope you will enjoy this game. :astro:
BTW. The image above is the one to be used. I decided to make these instead of creating a short manga.
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Postby jeffbert » 14 years ago

  1. “Oh wow. The text in this comic flows from right to left in the frames, but left to right in the balloons.”
  2. "then
  3. "Don’t leave, sis. This looks like fun."
  4. "We must learn to respect Westerners’ preference for left to right text, just as they must learn about our right to left text."
  5. "I

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Postby Dragonrider1227 » 14 years ago

1. Hey, where are we?
2. Is this a caption game?
4. Where were you going?
5. They'll make us say the stupidest things!!

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Postby ChibiGoku » 14 years ago

This wasn't actually funny, but it does make fun of Uran's ignorance she has at times...


It's seriously more of an educational caption, but whatever. Sue me.

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Postby DrFrag » 14 years ago

This is really hard, I can't come up with anything.

ChibiGoku's is my favourite. :D

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Postby Astro Forever » 14 years ago

I agree, I love it! :lol:

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Eileen sobora
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Postby Eileen sobora » 14 years ago

Astro: Look it's Eileen. :heart:

Zoran: Hey! I'm going to tell her you like her! :lol:

Astro: NO YOU DON'T ZORAN! :mad:

Astro: I may have a crush on her but I want you to keep it secret, do you understand?

Zoran: Yes Big Brother. :d oh:
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Postby Latu » 14 years ago

"Astro, you must exceed the limitations that humans cannot!
You must be go beyond nationality, ethnicity,
pilosophy, and religion,
starvation and poverty,
and war!
Exceed these limitations created by man!
You must fly high! Higher than any human has ever flown before!
To reach for the future that no human has been able to so far!"
:tenma: :astro:

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adrian _68
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Postby adrian _68 » 14 years ago

So far the most striking I saw was ChibiGoku's captions. If nobody will enter anymore who can beat his wits, I'll declare him as the winner.

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Ataru Moroboshi
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Postby Ataru Moroboshi » 14 years ago

1- It's a plane? It's Atlas? It's Son Goku?
2- No, it's...
3- Hey, stop! Where are you goin'?
4- Take it easy, Uran, it was only one of that "Whistling Frisbees"
5- Really? I thought it was Barry Manilow whistling by coming here!

...Yes, it's awful, but today I'm feeling uninspired.

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