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Postby Fuzzy Pickles! » 7 years ago

"Ataru Moroboshi" wrote:[QUOTE=astarisborn94;212842]I wonder if there's any bien places to start practicing Español online (preferably free)? I'd like to pick up the language and it'd be great for contacting each other, plus I really want to try to get an A in Español when I take it again in college.

Ah, College. I remember when I entered it on 2001. I was still 17 (born in December, you know the picture).

Let's get started by basics. Do you happen to have a tablet or use Google Play? A great way to get started again is by playing language apps and by watching cartoons (thanks to that I understand Italian, despite not speking that language) to regain memories and go back to basics. Then you can start with more complex things: watching subbed films, follow free online courses or purchase grammar and vocabulary books. And, of course, you must not forget what will be your main weapon: a good ol' dictionary!!![/QUOTE]Those are muy bien suggestions there. I'll see what I can do and hopefully learn some helpful skills in the long run. Now to go search for some good Español iPad apps.
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Postby tailz » 6 years ago

I really need to start learning spanish. (I only know a few words,and that's sad cause I should know how to at least speak it. I'm Hispanic.)
Hello! If you wish to speak with me on other sites then Follow me on these sites below:

Keep in mind that I do Not own theses sites. These sites belong to their rightful owners. Thank you. :)

My fansite:


I love 初音ミク :heart:

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Postby Juanita » 6 years ago

Estoy en mi tres clase de español, ahora. :)

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Postby Gotta Love ASTRO BOY » 6 years ago

"SOPikaMeowMeow" wrote:Estoy en mi tres clase de español, ahora. :)

Iqualmente. Sé mas de la idioma esta año. Me alegro de que me siento cómodo con español. Me sentía que nunca se va iba mejor a hablando español. Todavía estoy mal, pero no tan malo.

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Postby S-Capsule » 5 years ago

Soy nuevo por aquí, español también.

Veo que no se habla mucho español por aquí XD


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Postby Grigory Avilov » 5 years ago

"S-Capsule" wrote:Soy nuevo por aquí, español también.

Veo que no se habla mucho español por aquí XD


Hola S-Capsule! No estas solo, yo tambien hablo español! ;) Acabo de registrarme, soy un fan del estilo de dibujo de Tezuka. Recuerdo ver la version 2003 en Cartoon Network años atras. Pero me falta ver la de los 60s y 80s. Cuentame un poco sobre ti. Y no dude en hacerme preguntas. Hay que mantener este hilo vivo. :D

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