Moon 月in Japanese

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Moon 月in Japanese

Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 4 years ago

Not too surprised to find out that the kanji for Moon is also used for "month"
so 1月 or 一月 is January, 2月 or 二月 is February (etc)

There are a whole set of kanji for numbers, but they probably are not used when writing actual numbers, but rather when spelling them out (IE: 1 vs one, 2 vs two).

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Postby jeffbert » 4 years ago

Ken'ichi has two spellings, one of which is literally 'Ken-one' as ichi' can be rendered in both kanji & kana.

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Postby AstroAllies » 4 years ago

Japanese language and Mandarin/Chinese have some shared words, so you can also use 月 to mean "moon" or "month" in Mandarin.

The difference is, in Japanese it's "tsuki," in Mandarin it's "yuè."

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Re: Moon 月in Japanese

Postby SuwaHana » 3 years ago

Moon is contextually synonymous with month in English as well, it's just fallen out of use in recent years.

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Re: Moon 月in Japanese

Postby fafner » 3 years ago

And the fact that moon and month are also similar in English doesn't seem to be a coincidence.
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