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Postby tailz » 7 years ago

"Sporkia" wrote:Image
I didn't make this, but I feel like we need to talk about it.
Let's talk about this GIF.

All I can say is...LOL. :lol:
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Postby jeffbert » 7 years ago

This is from the Frozen Man / Sphinx, whose setting was moved from Mexico to the Middle East. I believe Atom had just been refueled, & this expresses his happiness.

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Postby dannavy85 » 7 years ago


Reno: Oh.....kay....he really got his head dented this time. Astro? Be a nice robot and come to Reno. Wanna cookie? Yes you do, yes you do.

Ken: What's up?

Reno points

Ken: I hope he doesn't hike a leg.
"You guys have some serious Mommy issues."

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Postby Earthshine » 7 years ago

Well I feel that happy when I get food too! :lol:

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Postby Strange Wings » 7 years ago

It's about time to move this GIF from this location overhere:



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Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 7 years ago

"Strange Wings" wrote:It's about time to move this GIF from this location overhere:



Awe! If I could favourite this, I would!

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Postby Dragonrider1227 » 6 years ago

I love it XD

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