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Postby putrocca » 15 years ago

Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you. I am the site administrator for TezukaInEnglish.com

A number of you have already found my site, but for those who don't know it, it is a general index of the works of Osamu Tezuka, designed to make up for the errors and gaps in the official Tezuka World web page. Right now we have a very basic treatment of Astro Boy on the site, essentially describing the basics of the series and providing a publication timeline and links to other pages (particularly this one), but no more. You can see it here:


We would like long-term to provide more information, such as episode titles and summaries, and analytical essays (though we don't want to duplicate any of the information archived on this site, since there's no need to). If any of you would be interested in helping us expand our Astro Boy information, or in writing page content or analytical essays, please contact me through the contact form on the web page.

Meanwhile, I've already invited the organizers of this site to help me design a better way for my page to lead people to this one, but if anyone has any suggestions of better ways to do it, please let me know.

Also, TezukaInEnglish.com has a mailing list, where we send periodic updates about international Tezuka news and site updates - if anyone would like to be on it, let me know.

As for a more personal introduction, I am, as you can guess, a hard-core Tezuka fan, collecting as many of his works as I can. My particular specialties within the Tezuka corpus are studying the history of Rock Holmes, studying the transformation of Tezuka's work in the late '60s as he was writing Vampires and becoming more interested in the subject of Charismatic Evil, and tracing the reincarnations of different characters who appear in the Phoenix manga. I have a lot of good Tezuka contacts and Tezuka trivia, so if ever any of you are looking for answers to particular questions, feel free to contact me. I will post on these forums as often as I can, since the conversation which goes on here is simply delightful, but I am currently staffing 5 anime conventions as well as running TezukaInEnglish.com, so I have less time than I would like for forum chat.

Good to meet you all!

- Ada (putrocca)
Site Administrator, TezukaInEnglish.com

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Postby jeffbert » 15 years ago

I have been working on my own content since I began reading the Astroboy manga. My aim is to publish it on my website http://www.atomforever.com . My focus is to show how stories are told and retold in the Astroboy manga & anime. If you have been browsing this forum, perhaps you have seen things like 051 Pura, the Baby Elephant in which images from the 1960s series are posted along side similar ones from the 1980s, or from other cartoons, not limited to Tezuka's.

My idea is to compare the story as told in the various incarnations. I am also interested in the Tezuka World actors and the roles they play in Astroboy's adventures. At this time, I have created a Tezuka Character's World Browser that list all 50 of the most significant actors and actresses (those with their own web pages) & gives links to those pages.

Right now, my site has only two features, the Actors' browser & the 2003 episode listing that features columns that relate the various incarnations one to another.

Anyway, my webspace is up for renewal soon, but if you would host my work, I could save $. My main requirements are that:

1. My work is published without any editing that I do not approve.
2. I am credited as its creator.
3. I retain the copyrights to my work, & issue licences to you to publish it.


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Postby dannavy85 » 15 years ago

Nicely put together Ada. I've only started to look through your various pages.
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Postby Atoman » 15 years ago

Hi Ada, Welcome to our site. :lol: You'll have lots of fun here.

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