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Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:32 am
by Astro Forever
"Strange Wings" sells the Jetter Mars DVD box for ¥19,950 (+/- 205 USD). No doubt, it's still expensive, but I grow having a hard time preventing myself from placing a preorder. :)

Thanks for letting us know.

Come on Strange Wings, I'm sure you still have room for a few screenshots! ;)

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:28 pm
by Strange Wings
"jeffbert" wrote:Will it ship internationally? I suppose you might be able to get it in Europe, but I doubt I could in the USA.

I think they do deliver to the US, I went to the check-out page and it said "international express".

"Astro Forever" wrote:Come on Strange Wings, I'm sure you still have room for a few screenshots! ;)

Haha, don't get me started already! I guess I might have some storage troubles indeed, but you can bet when I set my mind on it I'll make room. :lol:

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:57 am
by Atoman
Hey all,

:w00t: Thanks for the info Jeffbert, I preordered the box set. I've been waiting for years for this and had about givin up on it until I saw your post.

Again thanks. :astro:

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:17 am
by jeffbert
"Atoman" wrote:Hey all,

:w00t: Thanks for the info Jeffbert, I preordered the box set. I've been waiting for years for this and had about givin up on it until I saw your post.

Again thanks. :astro:

Long time, no see, Atoman! BTW, also available for pre-order are

the Ambassador Magma live action DVD boxed set


the Microid S DVD Box set

Please stay awile this time, Atoman. :astro:

Posted: Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:30 pm
by Legeremain99
:D That's so AWESOME!! I want it I want it I want it. Do you guys ever think they'll bring out an English Version of Jetter Mars. That would be so COOOOL!!! :D

-Legeremain99 :D :astro:

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:25 am
by Atoman
Don't worry I'm still here. I always check for news about things such as the Astro movie and dvd releases like the Jetter Mars dvd and other things.
So I'm still here, I usually don't have anything to add.

See ya. :astro:

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:38 am
by Astro Forever
I had missed your post. It's still a nice surprise to see you around. :)

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 5:44 am
by Ataru Moroboshi
"jeffbert" wrote:Rocket el VaqueroThis episode has both Tenma & prof Devilcat; it also tells its version of the deaths of Tenma's wife and son (pts 2 & 3).

pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

I have yet to see any humor in this version, though, & I have seen 3-4 eps. :shifty:

Okie dokie, on behalf of Jeffbert's request, I'm translating all the part regarding Dr.Tenma's past. Here's part 2:

[Starts when Jetter falls into the well]

JETTER: I need so much energy to get out of here! I can't spend all of it with this... Huh?
ARMOURED BEING: Are you alright? Grab the rope!
J: Good, I don't have to use my energy [Looks at armoured being] This robot isn't very strong...
AB: That's it.
J: Thanks for saving me! I can't help but asking myself who did such a deep well here.
AB: There were some burglars 'round here, that is.
J: What's happening. Are you not feeling well?
AB: I've used too much energy. Why don't you share some of yours with me?
J: I don't know what to say, I...
AB: My son brings me my energy from Tokyo. When he arrives, I'll give it back to you.
J: So you have a son!
AB: He and I manage these fields together.
J: All these fields? He and you alone?
AB: Won't you like to stay here with us?
J: Stay?
AB: At least have a rest for some days. Ugh! My energy!
J: What's the matter? You can use my energy if you want!
AB: Yes, thank you.
[We see a photo of a woman with a kid (:astro :) ]
J: I'm feeling weak. I think you drained too much energy.
AB: My son will be back soon, hehehehehe...
[AB reveals himself to be :tenma: ]
J: Huh? You're a human! Why have you cheated me?
Tenma: I'm very sorry, but you'll have to stay with me forever. You'll be my son!
J: Me...? Your son...? You... Your...
[Jetter passes out. Dr. Kudo enters]
Tenma: Welcome, Dr. Kudo.
Kudo: What a big surprise to see you. I thought the President of GOW (?) had run away with 10.000.000 $, but it seems I was wrong. He's right in front of me.
T: Shall we go inside, please?
K: It's no other than Jetter Mars!!!
T: He's a famous robot, Dr. Kudo.
K: What do you want me to do with him?
T: I want him to be my son.
[T shows K Tobio's photograph]
K: This is your son, who died on a car crash ten years ago...
T: Yup. He would be the same age as Mars now.
K: It's so easy. I can start reprogramming him right now... But it will be expensive.
T: I hope you'll make do with 100.000 $.
K: No way!
[K points T with a gun]
T: But...
K: You misjudged me, President. It's a simple matter of calculation: I can kill you and get the money. So that. [To his henchmen] Grab him.
T: And you pretend to be a sciencist!!!
K: Hehe... I was a hero of science ten years ago, but now all the scientific world sees me as a nuisance.
T: So you're saying that...
K: You don't know it because there is not TV or newspapers on these mountains.
T: What a terrible thing...
K: And morover, my dated techniques would brake Mars. It's an excellent robot. Luckily he's out of energy now. OK, Mr. Tenma, go and reunite with your son!
T: W-wai...
[A shuriken takes the gun off K's hand]
K: Who's that?
Rocket: I'm Rocket, the stray robot. Enough sleeping, Mars, wake up!
T: He can't. I drained all the energy from him.
R: Where's the battery?
T: Here.
R [To K]: If you're a sciencist, you'll know how to refill him, huh?
K: Y-yes...
[Jetter Mars wakes up]
R: Mars...
J: Rocket! [Looking at K] Who's this guy?
R: Many things happened while you were sleeping, Mars. Now you two, retreat. Get out of here.
K: Very well, Mr. Rocket or whoever-you-are, I guess your horse isn't a robot, am I wrong?
R: What?
K: Behave yourself, Mr. Rocket, or we'll kill the horse.
R: You may be a good sciencist, but you're better as second-class gangster.

[End of part 2]

Phew! Now, for some rest. Part 3 coming soon at this same thread!

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:05 pm
by jeffbert
:lol: Thanks, Ataru! :astro:

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 9:36 pm
by Ataru Moroboshi
Not at all, Jeffbert, this is great to practice my English.

Let's go for part 3:

KUDO: Shut your mouth! Mr. Tenma, you'll have to bring the money here.
[Some moments pass]
K: Attaboy,here's Mr.Tenma's money.
JETTER (to Rocket): Are you just allowing them to go away with it?
ROCKET: No, but take it easy, Mars.
K(to Tenma): You're coming with us as an hostage.
MUSTACHED HENCHMAN (to another henchman, a robot): You take it from here.
J (to Kudo): What about your henchmen.
K: Used robots can be thrown away.
J: What? Urgh!
(Rocket decapitates a henchman who attacked Jetter)
J: Thank you!
[Action scenes: a fight and a aerial chase. Rocket defeats the henchmen and saves his horse; Jetter catches the baddies]
TENMA: I'm very greatful, Mars, and sorry for the things I've done to you.
J: Really, I can't understand why are you living alone in a place like this.
T: When I lived in the city, an automovile killed my wife and son.
J: An automovile!?
[Car a and truck crash. Let me say that Tobio's mom was quite careless here: She must have look at the road, no to his kid!]
J: I'm sure they could be saved now!
T: How?
J: Nowadays, cars have better security systems
T: Yes, Mr. Tenma. Since robots started they duty as crash test dummies, mankind can drive without risk, isn't it, Mars?
J: It is, Rocket.
T: Now I realize, Mars. I would bring all my money for more secure cars.
J: So what?
T: I've got too used to this life. I want to keep the fields, and maybe some day I'll adopt an orphaned kid.
J: Me...?
R: Mars, there's some people waiting for you.
T: Well, it's a pity.

And that's it. We leave Tenma alone and wanting to adopt and raise a child, starting a new life.