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Postby Dragonrider1227 » 11 years ago

Of Course the Box Office is doing poorly. Hardly anyone has that kind of money for movies these days. Especially not when they know that in a few months those movies will be available on Netflicks!

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Postby AstroRex » 11 years ago

Not a lot of people want to spend $9 per ticket to go see a movie when you can buy it for $14.95 on iTunes a few months from now, or for $19.95 on DVD in the store, maybe 6 months from now...
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Postby astro_mcfly » 11 years ago

Very true. I wasn't very happy the other night about paying 9.50 to go see a movie... Matinee prices are only 7. (friend's BF was taking too long to get to the theater! GRRR.)
I like going to the movies, but I think it'd be much more worth it at like, the drive-in. The one where I'm from has 4 or 5 screens, so you could stay there all night for the price of a regular theater's matinee ticket!

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Postby sgupta » 11 years ago

Yeah, I usually wait for the movie on DVD/rental or even on TV unless it's something I really want to see (like Astro Boy, which I wanted to support especially). Usually I go if it's something new and different that I want to say with my wallet that I'd like to see more of.

BTW, I'm happy to say I think I enjoyed this movie even more the second time around (missed a bit of the humor the first time around as well as Tezuka's cameo and a few lil touches here and there). And I think my mom, who had to have heavy convincing to go (she's one of those people who thinks if it's animated it's a "cartoon"), actually sincerely enjoyed it also and was pleasantly surprised.
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