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The Astro Boy Christmas Special

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:32 pm
by dannavy85
Let's put these cookies in the oven....

The Astro Boy Christmas Special

The voices of....

Santa: Micky Rooney

Mrs. Claus: June Lockheart

Ed the Elf: Andy Williams



Doctor Elifun:


Rudolph: Billy Richards

Fireball: Rosie O'Donnell

Note: I know some of these people are no longer with us but just keep an open mind.

So it starts with Astro going on a research mission to the North Pole for something and he's going to a spot called "Thunders Ridge". After a little looking about he decides to cut himself an ice cave and take a break.

Well during this time Rudolph and Fireball are clowning around and low and behold they find our hero in the snow cave and fear the worst...oh the mellow drama!

Rosie: Oh no! How could anyone leave this innocent child to such a terrible fate! Frozen stiff in the empty chill of death's icy grip! It's not fair! It's a crime I tell you...A crime!

At this point Astro wakes up. Now of course you could have Uran tag along or not and since Astro can't understand animals like she would make for an awkward moment.

Then of course Astro, being a robot, doesn't believe Santa exists.

So.......? Feel free to opine.

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 7:46 pm
by Dragonrider1227
It's a pretty cool idea :) Could we get Freddie Highmore to "reprise his role?" XD

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:26 am
by dannavy85
Heck yeah we bring back Freddie

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:17 pm
by dannavy85
a: Uran? I could use a little help.

u: What kind of reindeer are they?

a. How should I know? They're reindeer.

u: Are they red color, light brown, tan?

a: Just tell me how to say hi?

Uran gives astro a "hi" in reindeer language. He blurts it out and fireball stomps his front hooves.

FB: Who you callin stupid you schmoot!

Ru: Huh?

FB: The dripper just called me stupid!

a: Uran? didn't work.

u: Try this one.

Astro tries to say hi again.

FB: Oh that does it! Your momma pushes a reindeer dropping cart!

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:47 am
by Dragonrider1227
LOL That's funny! Is Uran doing this on purpose? XD

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 2:17 am
by Abdico
Sean Connery as Astro.



Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:34 am
by TobyTenmaFan
I love you man! Freddy Highmore was born to play Astro's voice! OMG. lol

And I love this! It's funny!!!

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:50 am
by dannavy85
So.....How about Uran is doing it on purpose?

And what will astro do for Santa?

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:18 am
by jayrath
"dannavy85" wrote:Heck yeah we bring back Freddie

??? Freddie, as in Astro's classmate? LOVED doing that voice. We all thought he would be a recurring character -- Alvin's sidekick.

Oh . . . never mind. :)

I'd love a scene where Dr. Elefun explains Santa to Astro, about how the jolly old elf is real, so long as we believe. And Astro struggles to comprehend the idea -- but in the end is convinced, perhaps because Uran believes.

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:37 am
by MightyAstro
Can't we bring Skunk into this story idea? Astro must save Christmas from Skunk's dastardly schemes of sabotage.

Naturally his voice will be supplied by you Jay. ;) :D