Imagi's stock goes up

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Imagi's stock goes up

Postby Laughing Dragon » 11 years ago

Imagi, which is the company which animated the excellent Astro Boy movie, is getting fresh investment money, which in turn gave the company a boost in its stock price. Just thought I'd mention it; Imagi did such a wonderful job with the movie and character, and haven't gotten nearly enough praise and renumeration for it. So this is a bit of good news.

Again, I think it's important that we all buy the DVD, and encourage others to do the same. We know they won't be disappointed in the movie (it's just too good), and it'll help Imagi, PLUS it might encourage a sequel. (channeling RRF): Astro fans unite!

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Postby Dragonrider1227 » 11 years ago

That's good news :) Yes. I will indeed be buying the DVD

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Postby dannavy85 » 11 years ago

DVD is a must. good that the company's doing well!
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Postby sgupta » 11 years ago

Yup, definitely buying one version or another (DVD or possibly Blu-Ray)

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Postby cybotron » 11 years ago

Of course! They are a powerhouse of new cinema CGI! OMG! I wish I could get go from Zaentz to IMAGI.... I'll never get any of my film projects done with these Jazzers.
I did not get so much as a synth low end rumble. IMAGI is the wave of today! They deserve praise and kudos for Astroboy.
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