Astro Boy the movie..Video game is it worth it?

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Postby Dragara » 11 years ago

"Dragonrider1227" wrote:X-PLAY FTW! :D
Did you see when they reviewed the anime PS2 game? Making fun of the fact that he was practically naked? XD
Anyway, I've been without cable for a while. Have they reviewed the movie game yet? What'd they say about it?

... What? I don't know if they've ever reviewed an Astro Boy game. I only started watching it last year. And I haven't watched it in awhile. :/ As far as I know, they never reviewed the movie game. I mean, for a while before Christmas and maybe a bit after, I kept watching X-Play to see if they said anything about the game, but I never found anything. And I'm pretty sure that if they reviewed it, it would get a pretty low score. Poor Astro. :'(
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Postby Dragonrider1227 » 11 years ago

Yeah, they did. I think they game the PS2 game a 2 or a 3 out of 5 and the GBA one a 4 out of 5.

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Postby Ataru Moroboshi » 11 years ago

I played the PSP version and, seriously: meh. An average platformer with some good spots, but, as many people said, by no means comparable to [stands up] Omega Factor.

BUT for me isn't bad at all. At leas it's better than the utterly unplayable NES version. Man, that one is tougher than Uran's nails.

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Postby Alittleacorn » 11 years ago

Only one word...NO!

The game is not worth buying if your a hardcore gamer, it was made for younger children, there's even a spot the difference and Astro crossword in the game manual. Conpaired to how awesome the film was, the game doesn't do it much sadly. =(

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