What would you want for an Astro Boy 2 movie?

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Postby atomicrush » 7 years ago

In contrary to digital animation actors, not a bad idea. I think of styling the story to non terribly original, but to an audience that can agree on. The story arc I must say should be for the PG-13 comprehend. I say some similarities between Man of Steel, If anyone has seen this movie already. Possible complications tend to exist, American editing on Japanese movies. This has been a common problem to people including "Speed Racer",this edit bothered me. Having "Tezuka Productions" approval on the American remake, taking responsibility is the key to great films, & writing the story beautifully. I should think about working on some literature. :)
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Postby Big Astro Fan » 7 years ago

I want to see how Him and Cora will progress. It looked like they had something started at the end of the first movie.

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Postby avatargirl » 7 years ago

HI- LIKE TO SEE IN THE MOVIE ASTROBOY LIKE HE WAS IN THE TV SERIES! HUGS -PRAY EVERONE the very best! ONLY different he be given transforming powers so he can take on more advanced robots who have advanced shape transforming powers!

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