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Postby Astra4822 » 9 years ago

I think his hair wouldn't be all that long. Kinda short like what Satus and AprilSeven inquired. I would really like to see a real picture of Astro with his hair down from the creator of Astro boy themselves. It would look epic ;)

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Postby BlueCore » 9 years ago

"AprilSeven" wrote:DAWWWW he's quite cute, don't you think? :D :heart:

BTW - yeah, we actually have a fair number of excellent artists on this forum, but each has their own "special ingredient" and you are one of them, Satus! I think it's something you put in their eyes - just makes me want to say "ohhhhh sooo cute!" :wub:

I Photoshopped an image of Astro into "hair down" and also a mullet for another thread . . . here they are again...

[attachment=]1648[/attachment] [attachment=]1649[/attachment]

HUBBA. HUBBA...........
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Postby fafner » 9 years ago

"AprilSeven" wrote:
So I have picture that will prove my point. I will post them in the near future on how long Astros hair would actually be

GREAT!! I can't wait for that!! Satus is an awesome artist. :)

But here is a clue - in the 2009 movie, you see how he apparently spiked his hair - I lightend his hair in this screen cap so you can better see how it's gelled into place. And yes, it's layered so it just kind of "flows" into the spikes.

He looks cute blond. SURFER Astro!! :lol: :p


NOW he looks like Tintin :D
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Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 4 years ago

That would be Astro as MacGyver!

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