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Astro Forever
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Postby Astro Forever » 9 years ago

If only there had been the Internet back in the 1980s... To think that I had to wait all week for just 20 minutes of Astro Boy, and that if I missed an episode, I was sure it meant I would never get to see it. :cry:

And in fact, it took me about 15 years to finally be able to watch the very first episode for the first time... and then a few more years to realize that this had only been the first half of the story... :rolleyes:

My interest never completely died; I was always happy to find out there was one more rerun. I became more interested when I found the 2003 series on TV by accident. I had read they were creating a new series years before, but I had long forgotten about it.

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Anime Girl
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Postby Anime Girl » 9 years ago

I was about six or sevan years old when I first saw it. Daddy bought video tapes of the 80's series, and as soon as I watched it, I fell in love with Astro instantly. Astro is what kinda got me into other anime cartoons sometime in my teen years. I have almost all the Astro Boy mangas, I just need the last 2, which I'm gonna ask for Christmas, I drew lotsa drawings of Astro Boy. I love him and I always will no matter how much people make fun of me for it, rarely annyone does now though, but you get the point.
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Postby Alittleacorn » 9 years ago

I've been a fan a little after the film came out. I didn't have much info on the anime before that and was never on tv either. o_____o

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Ataru Moroboshi
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Postby Ataru Moroboshi » 9 years ago

Next year it'll be my tenth anniversary as a Tezuka fan and the 20th since I first "met" Astro (and didn't like him. He was "old"). I was eight then, turned 28 several days ago. A man can have GREAT opinion changes in all these years.

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the 鉄腕アトム fan
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Postby the 鉄腕アトム fan » 9 years ago

3 years, nearly 4!!! But I remember seeing it in 2003/4. But back then I didn't like it all.
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Tetsuwan Atom
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Postby Tetsuwan Atom » 9 years ago

It must have been before the of summer 2009 but when i really got into it was about 6 mhonts later when i discoverd the 1980 anime and so i started to buy the manga and the anime versions, and when i had to do a power point presentation in 2010 for school i thought i should do it about the author of Astro Boy and ever since my tezuka obsession has only grown about 55 % of my anime manga collection is Tezuka now.

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Postby Novacain » 9 years ago

I started watching Astroboy during the 1980's, as a kid it was one of my favorite shows.
Then in 2005 my interest was rekindled when I found the 80's series on DVD at an HMV store. I bought that, along with the 2003 series and later on the 1960's series. Although I didn't really like the '03 series at first, I did get accustomed to the differences between that show and the version I grew up with.
But as it turns out I really do prefer the 1960's series for some reason.

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Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 9 years ago

My story's a little bit different, actually.

About over a year ago, I discovered Jesuotaku's anime reviews. Since I like both her and her various review styles/projects, I kept watching (trust, this is relevant). Then back in July, she did a review of Tezuka's Phenoix, and I immediately became interested in learning more about Tezuka, which lead me to be interested in watching the 2003 Astro Boy anime.

Once I got back from vacationing with my family this past summer, I decided to sit down and watch the 03 series before University started up again. And well...let's just say I enjoyed the heck out of it. Not only am I considering it a potential contender for my favorite anime (a spot I have trying to figure out for awhile), but it's also the number one thing on my Christmas list this year.

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Postby kokoro » 9 years ago

Since when I saw the 2009 movie in theaters. I went to the library the next day and encountered the manga. I was like, "Wait, there's a book?" I read it and quickly became a Tezuka fan.
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Postby Innocent_Eyes » 9 years ago

Wow I haven't been on here in a long time >.<

I've been an Astro fan for 15 years. I've loved him since I was 6. I used to hire it from the video store and watch it when they played it on Nickelodeon, so that was how I got into it. They still show the 2003 series on the Sci-Fi channel today.

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