Would you ever want Astro as your boyfriend

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Would you ever want Astro as your boyfriend

Postby racoonangel » 8 years ago

I would he'd be my bestest friend ever he's so hugable and cute
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Fuzzy Pickles!
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Postby Fuzzy Pickles! » 8 years ago

No I wouldn't. It'd be an interesting experience to be around Astro Boy for a day, but I wouldn't want someone twice as young as me to be my boyfriend.

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Postby Dragonrider1227 » 8 years ago

No, but I'd love to adopt him ^__^

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Postby BlueCore » 8 years ago

Oh god yes!!!!
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Hikari Tail
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Postby Hikari Tail » 8 years ago

A little creepy question too be honest..
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Postby AstroBoyGF » 8 years ago

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes
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