what is the best reason you like AStro

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what is the best reason you like AStro

Postby cuejqi » 7 years ago

Is his lovable appearance of his character or his virtues, say as you may, I am doing a survey about it

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Postby Earthshine » 7 years ago

I love Astro Boy because my major is sociology focusing on sociological problems and minoring in gender studies, and Astro Boy covers these things so tenderly and sincerely it sometimes brings tears to my eyes.

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Postby Juanita » 7 years ago

I like it (or more specifically him) because he has a great personality, but he also makes mistakes. His character is wonderful, and he is such a good role model. Not everyone likes him. His own father abandoned him, but he still keeps pressing on.
I also like the messages in the series such as racially equality and kindness.
It's also humorous and absolutely adorable!

I think the most important reason I like Astroboy would be because of his character.

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Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 7 years ago

I was first introduced to the character back in '63. I was just either just finishing elementary school or just starting Jr High School (NYC back then was still having grades K-6 in E.S., JrH grades 7-9, and HS 10-12. Today they've gone to the Middle School system with grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12). Anyway I was one of the smaller kids in my class and subject to being 'bullied' by the older and larger students. I sure could have used a strong friend to look after me. Naturally, I daydreamed that Astro could be real and go to school with me! I wonder if that sparked my later interest in computers and electronics as the line of work I ended up in (though Amateur Radio also had something to do with that).

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Postby Gotta Love ASTRO BOY » 7 years ago

Well I just think he is adorable >w<. How he won't stop fighting until that someone he is fighting for is safe. Or ahhhhh just all these things xDD.
That and how every episode or book or movie has a really deep meaning to it that you can uncover XD

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Postby atomicrush » 7 years ago

What I believe in, is the beauty of the soul & aptitude of great influence. I know a personality varies from person to person, thus branch out into much more. In my terms, I think everyone is a person, & no one should be called a Thing, all creatures are sacred on this beautiful earth we try to restore, one can be thankful for existence & being.

Everyone has a certain purpose in the universe, this is exemplary to the human mind. Everyone should be respected they have "chi" & minds so to prove it. Some forms of man tend to hold these creatures at bay, brainwashing is the cruelest of crimes.

As to see of Astro, I see the heart of wisdom and see beautiful stoking flames in his eyes. In truth, a pure soul exists. I sense no Abomination here. To point to religion I am strong in this knowledge to know that he is no ordinary robot. He is something more to be a change. :)
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Postby Ataru Moroboshi » 7 years ago

Because he's a HEL... HECK OF A HERO! That's why.

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Postby Novacain » 7 years ago

How can you not like a 35 centimeter tall weapon that weighs 30 kilograms, has many powers that could destroy any one of us at the blink of an eye, but is so so very cute?

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Little Brown Fox
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Postby Little Brown Fox » 7 years ago

"Novacain" wrote:How can you not like a 35 centimeter tall weapon that weighs 30 kilograms, has many powers that could destroy any one of us at the blink of an eye, but is so so very cute?

I quite agree, even if I have no concept of the measurements (although the measurement of anything, particularly height and distance, is above my understanding, usually).

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Postby racoonangel » 7 years ago

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