Hi, this is a life update I guess.

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Hi, this is a life update I guess.

Postby Anime Girl » 1 year ago

Hey what's up. It's been a few years since I came back here. For one thing, I realized this year it'll have been 10 years since I was on here. It's kinda sad, anyone who does remember me probably is dead, save for some of the mods (I mean dead as in "inactive" (or even banned), not literally dead, though if that did happen to anyone I don't know about, I send my respects). Well, my dad is still in jail, it'll be another 4 years before he's out of the slammer. I've been missing him lately. 3 years ago, Mom's boyfriend Dave passed away of cystic fibrosis. He didn't deserve to die this way, but lately, I'm realizing that I also didn't deserve how he was treating me. There's no beating around the bush anymore, he was emotionally abusive and the sickness he was dealing with was blinding Mom to how he was treating us. Whatever, I'll forgive and let the man rest, but the fact is thanks to him, I'm damaged and I can't keep quiet about it anymore. Anyways, Mom met a nice man named Rob and they're getting married in May. He's a lot healthier than Dave and is better for all of us. Also between my best friend's wedding and Mom's wedding, I get to be two bridesmaids this year! Sis is graduating this year. Sometimes I'd wish she'd be nicer to me, like when she was 11 and I was 16 and we'd watch stuff like Hetalia, Fruits Basket or Beavis and Butthead together. Unfortunately, our personalities clash too much now, but I also think Dave drove a rift between us, he was always spoiling her and getting her on his side against me, making it hard for me to say what I wanted to. My little bro has had some anger issues the last few years, but thankfully he's working through some of them, also he's going on 14 and his voice is cracking so bad lol! I'm still trying to find a job. I'm thinking of going back to school. What I really wanna do is write children's books, I have a sorta book series in mind, and I'd like to make a funny live action show with said book characters, I want to star as the main character, and hopefully make it a fun show for children and adults alike, something like Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Lazytown, or Big Comfy Couch. In my spare time I jot down story ideas, and when I put them together, I'll illustrate for them too. I was also thinking maybe make my own outfit as the main character Rosie, and read to children in the local library in character, and make a sort of online video series of me reading or doing fun little crafts and stuff (so that way, kids who like me reading for them can watch the videos if they want to). Maybe after my books/videos get popular I can have leverage to pitch my idea somewhere. Whatever, I'll find a way to chase every pipe dream I want to. Anyways, me and my boyfriend have been seeing a lot of movies lately. The last one was Sonic the Hedgehog and I LOVED it! I've been into a lot of shows, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Bob's Burgers, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (another show my dad liked), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (my favorite part would probably be Diamond is Unbreakable), and Steven Universe, and I've also been getting manga I've wanted at the bookstore lately, I got some copies of JJBA, Uzumaki by Junji Ito (scary scary stuff, and fair warning to those who don't know, this series is DEFINITELY not related to Naruto lol), and Cutey Honey (finally they released manga in English!!) They made Captain Underpants into a movie a few years ago, and it was just a childhood nostalgia explosion, it made my entire summer (I wanna see the series too, but I need to get Netflix again, and I don't wanna have to make another fake profile, I have this and another few shows I want to catch up on). Ooh, I saw a brand new show on Fox called Duncanville, created by Amy Poehler (if I'm not mistaken, I think she also created that Mighty B cartoon that was on Nick several years back). This is only the first episode, but it's pretty good, I hope I like it like Bob's Burgers. I've been collecting a bunch of Build a Bears and Cabbage Patch kids ever since Dad got thrown in the slammer, and frankly, I don't give a *bleep* if I'm an adult, I will collect stuffies and dolls until the day I die. And that's about it I guess. I'd love to talk if anyone still wants to. Bye lovelies. Chu!
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Re: Hi, this is a life update I guess.

Postby DrFrag » 1 year ago

Hi Anime Girl! I'm not sure if our years on here overlapped, but it's always good to have old members come back and say hi. I don't post here much but I check every day.

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Re: Hi, this is a life update I guess.

Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 1 year ago

Good to hear from you again. Gosh there are quite a few members that have just dropped out. Me, I'm sorta retired now, and recovering from heart surgery. I've wanted to get back into writing some more stories, but seem to have a bit of writer's block at the moment.

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Re: Hi, this is a life update I guess.

Postby Shiyonasan » 1 year ago

Hey there Anime Girl! Good to see you check in after all these years! :)

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Re: Hi, this is a life update I guess.

Postby jeffbert » 1 year ago

Nice to see you again, Anime Girl!



I tried to read your post, but it is sooo big, I frequently lose track of where I was.

Sorry to learn of the sadness in your life. :cry: My own parents loved each other for life, so, I cannot relate to broken homes.

Stick around! This place could use someone to liven it up!

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