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Japanese art site

Postby Dragonrider1227 » 12 years ago

I found a Japanese Deviantart like website which means, TONS OF TEZUKA ART!!
Search results for looking up "Atom" アトム
"Ribon No Kishi" リボンの騎士
Black Jack ブラック・ジャック
Don't know if you have to be registered and signed in for the search to work though. Sorry if it doesn't
BTW, there's some... questionable art here too but only if you sign in

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Postby AstroBoyGF » 12 years ago

OMG!! THANK U!! [mega hugs u] i'v been looking japanese tezkua art work!^^ u made my day!!

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Postby Legeremain99 » 12 years ago

:D Thanks for the great links, Dragonrider1227. The picts were superb. Thanks for sharing those with us. :D

-Legeremain99 :D :astro:

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