What was the last thing you bought?

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Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 5 years ago

The problem could be the image you tried to upload was too big.

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Postby the 鉄腕アトム fan » 5 years ago

What I bought today was fantastic!!! Astro Boy handbag. The lady said that it was limited addition but i'm not sure, I never see anything of Atom in the shops so i fangirled over this and bought it for £8.
Sorry for the repost, thought it'll be better to add the information.

Thanks for the help but finally got the attainment to work
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Postby Shiyonasan » 4 years ago

Today, I finished my collection of the 13 original Dragon Ball Z movies by buying the collection pack of the first 5 movies. I was only missing Movie 4, and buying that pack was the best way to get that movie.

Secondly, I bought the complete Cowboy Bebop series on DVD. It's the first time I've bought an anime series on DVD outside of Dragon Ball. Bebop is one of two anime that I consider perfect, so I had to buy it.

Lastly, I bought the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass manga. I already own the Ocarina of Time manga and Majora's Mask manga, so I figured I'd get one more Zelda manga to add to my collection.

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Postby gokaiblue » 4 years ago

I've been getting a lot of Japanese stuff lately. First, I purchased Dragon Ball Z #1 and #2 ( Japanese singles line). Then, while in New York, I purchased Dragon Ball Kanzenban No. 2, the first two tankobon volumes of Dragon Ball, the Jaco tankobon, Dragon Ball full color 1, and both English and Japanese version of Hunter X Hunter volume 1.

While stopped at a mall in New Jersey, I purchased Yokai Watch for 3DS (though I would later replace my 3DS with a 2DS as my 3DS is dead). When I returned home, I went to eBay and purchased a 1985 and 1987 Weekly Shonen Jump. Which brings us to today in which I bought an unknown Japanese Astro Boy comic and volumes 2, 8, 18 ~ 21 of the Sunday comics edition printings.

Needless to say, I'm doing making big purchases for a while.

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Postby jeffbert » 4 years ago

I actually began buying another MA manga version; I think these are Kobunsha. They are HB, and very thin; about 110 - 140 pages each. Like the DH version, the stories are all mixed up, that is, chosen to fit in nthe books, rather than in chronological order. So far, I have only flipped through them, though I intend to give them a closer look. I now have vols 1-3, & 7. :ninja:

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Postby jeffbert » 4 years ago

Ludwig B volumes 1 & 2; & vols. 4, 6, & 8 of the previously mentioned series. I could not find vol. 5! :o hmy:

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