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Postby Gotta Love ASTRO BOY » 6 years ago

"Little Brown Fox" wrote:I remember you, vaguely. I don't visit here too often, myself, for a multitude of reasons...

I remember you vaguely as well. lol same here, tho.

"Tetsuwan Penguin" wrote:Hello again! I remember you started a fan fiction about an Astro sibling named Zinc, what ever happened to that? ( I like Tezuka's elemental names for Atoms family).

Yup that was me ; o;. I finished it and just sortta left it there x'D. {Same here aha}

"Umbral-Coltwings" wrote:Welcome back! I haven't actually met you before, but I see you a lot in older threads.

Oh goodness you have seen older threads with me? Eek :'D

"Novacain" wrote:[QUOTE=Gotta Love ASTRO BOY;232933]So idk how many people remember me from back in my days around here but I just felt like posting something to update you peeps who are ;D Those of you who knew me back then might have known that I wanted to become an animator. For a while in between I didn't plan on it, however now I am going to be going to a college in California for just that. I guess that's really all I wanted to say. Anyone remember me? And how are you guys doin?

Good for you hun, your art rocks!. And for the record, never forgot you either. :heart: [/QUOTE]

Ahhh Nova ; w; Thank you! Awhhhh :heart:

"Reid958" wrote:Hey there, I reamber you, it's great to see you around once again. :)

Hellooo thank yeww : D

"Anime Girl" wrote:Hey you! :) Nice to see you again.

Nice to see you as well! How's it been?

"diehard67" wrote:welcome back

Thank you vuv.

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