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Your VHS Collection

Postby BigFox8 » 5 years ago

This is a picture of my VHS collection. I got Tom & Jerry the Movie (it was in the Tigger Movie case but anyhoo) Hit Children's favorites Bumper Edition, A Bug's Life, Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring, Fantasia, x2 Thomas the Tank Engine tapes, Wheels on the Bus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Babe, George of the Jungle, Antz, The Smurfs, Postman Pat (it's in the Brum: Kitten Rescue case but anyhoo) Chicken Run, Mickey's Magical Christmas, Pete's Dragon, Brum: Runaway Statue and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. What have you got in your VHS collection?
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Postby Shiyonasan » 5 years ago

My parents still own quite a few VHS tapes. If you name a Disney movie that was released in the 20th Century or the early 2000s, they probably own it.

They also own a few of the animated Dreamworks movies on VHS, all but one of the Star Wars movies on VHS (they got Episode III on DVD when it came out), a few Jerry Lewis movies, and some old musicals, amongst other movies. They probably have about 140-150 movies on VHS if I had to take a guess.

Of the ones you have in your picture there, they own A Bug's Life and Fantasia, which are both fantastic movies. I think they also own Pete's Dragon on VHS, but it was taped off of TV.

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Postby Earthshine » 5 years ago

I have two large storage bins full of VHS tapes; mostly cartoons and animations from Disney, Don Bluth and Rankin/Bass productions including a well-loved tape of The Last Unicorn where the tape itself has faded so much the last time I watched it it was like watching a shadow-play.

I also have a tape of Watership Down that is in pretty much the same condition, though the tape broke three or four times and we taped it back together with clear tape... works just fine if only it wasn't so dark.

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Postby Dragonrider1227 » 5 years ago

Oh man, we still have boxes of VHS tapes in our attic. We also have a nice big collection of Disney tapes XD

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Postby MrsEclipse » 5 years ago

I still have an active VHS collection because there are some things that just aren't available on DVD, easily or at all. They only just released The Phantom Tollbooth after Blu-Ray started being a thing, some of this jazz might not happen. We're talking

* Samson and Sally in English. Stupid foreign movies only being released in their native language...
* Felix the Cat the Movie, a print where you can actually hear the actors over the music
* The full Gumby Movie, with all 90 minutes of footage. The Directors Cut cut out a lot of footage.
* One of the four "The Raccoons" specials. The one where they were all, "Hey, Star Wars has been pretty popular lately, let's do a space fantasy with a rebel group too!" I think the specials have some licensing issues, what with getting Dottie West and Leo Sayer and all those guys to do the music.
* The Nelvana Ewoks movie, speaking of Star Wars. Nelvana is probably my favorite western non-Disney animation studio. Heck, all of Canada is doing a pretty good job in the animation department. I don't know what you guys are doing up there, Canada, but keep it up.
* Seven functional copies of the movie "All Dogs Go to Heaven," because I have a serious problem.
* Really cool Disney travel tapes from the 90s
* Movies taped off the Disney Channel, back when it was a pay channel, with some cool commercials and unrelated "bouns features" (really just between-movie featurettes)

I don't think I've gotten rid of a VHS tape in my life. I MAY have donated my old VeggieTales tapes to the church because I wanted the DVD versions with director's commentary (Vischer and Nawrocki have such great chemistry!) but other than that I've got almost three decades of magnetic tape and a VCR that doesn't eat it. I live like a Queen.

Wait, I never did get those DVDs. Talk about putting the cart before the horse...
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Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 5 years ago

Well I still have a laser disk player, and a few dozen disks. (You know the kind that are the same size as 33 1/3 rpm albums!)

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Postby jeffbert » 5 years ago

Without checking, the only pre-recorded VHS tapes I have are thye 18 ASTROBOY ones from TRSI, & the set of AMBASSADOR MAGMA tapes. I do have many home recorded ones, though of what, I would not care to take the time to describe.

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