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Postby Novacain » 5 years ago

"cybotron" wrote:yes. I had a blast! The CGI was beautiful. I loved it! :w00t: :lol:

Did you notice the Tetris pieces behind the band during the ball? I like how they snuck that in there! :cool:

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Postby Anime Girl » 5 years ago

Me and Nick saw the movie when it came out. We love it. I know about the bad reviews, but honestly, me and everyone I knew in real life liked it. I just wished they had at least one female gamer character, and that short guy got on my nerves (although I think that's obviously the point), but it was very entertaining. Q-Bert was so cute. Also Max Headroom made a cameo (I'm also 110% sure that I was the only chick in the theater under 30 that knew who the hell Max Headroom is LOL) It wasn't a masterpiece, but it's definitely one of my favorite movies this year, besides Ted 2
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Postby TetsuwanToby » 5 years ago

Maybe I`ll go see it, besides it will only cost me about 15 dollars (movie ticket is about 7 dollars and adding popcorn and a drink will make 15 :) )it`s better than paying 25 dollars for the DVD lol

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