Windows Users Beware

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Re: Windows Users Beware

Postby Juanita » 3 years ago

Yeah I remember one user who worked at an airline saying the software used for simulations and stuff could only run on XP. Kinda crazy imo that it never got updated/ redesigned. Flight simulators and stuff seem pretty important. Too much money I suppose.

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Re: Windows Users Beware

Postby fafner » 3 years ago

Either the company developing the software doesn't support it anymore, or (more probably) releasing a new version woud require extensive and costly testings for validation.

They obey the First Law of computing to the letter: If it works, DON'T TOUCH IT DAMNIT! :-D ...until it breaks on its own :rolleyes:
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Re: Windows Users Beware

Postby Astro Forever » 3 years ago

fafner wrote:
  • Some companies use very specific software, such as software controlling assembling robots. Such softwares are sometimes so specific that changing the operating system may cause inputs/outputs to be sent with slightly different timings, that may be enough for robotic arms to miss their targets. This is especially the case for car manufacturers, whose sites were sometimes hit hard.

Indeed. At work, it was quite a challenge to move up from Windows Server 2003 to 2008. There were a lot of security and parameter changes in Windows that meant that several options would suddenly no longer work as they used to, if at all, so a lot of time and resources had to be spent to patch everything up. And even if you try hard to test everything, it's hard to come across every single possibility or specific configuration. It just seems like you can't avoid a bad surprise here and there, even if you try hard.

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Re: Windows Users Beware

Postby diehard67 » 3 years ago

glad I run linux lol, but I will makesure my friends windows setups are updated.
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