Astroboy's great impacts on Japan

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Astroboy's great impacts on Japan

Postby Mustachio » 1 month ago

Astroboy was very popular in Japan,in 1951-1966, the term was shorter than Draemon ,Gumdam or Dragon ball.

Though,Astroboy had great impacts on Japanese industries.

In 80s,Honda executives just said “Create Astroboy",and Asimo development project started.
At first, there were only Astroboy’s manga books in the R&D room. ... asimo.html

Softbank CEO Son Masayoshi loved 63 series, he knew”Astroboy can’t have human-like feeling”, so he felt pity with Astro, and 50 years after that, he created Pepper, which learns human’ emotions and expressions.
-Other scientists
It is said,many of Japanese scientists was motivated by Dr Elefant.
For example Shuji Nakamura.He wanted to be Dr Elefant, and won Nobel prize.

-Google-Android OS[ of course , not Japan]
Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, was Astroboy’s fan. The first hidden code name of Android OS was “Astroboy”.
He even made “Atom’s café” in Google office.
His scandal was very disappointing. ... eatom.html ... codenames/ ... -00083158/

-Triyama Akira-Dragon Ball
He loved 63 series. He wanted to create Astroboy-like manga.In his first Manga ”Dr. Slump”, a character who looks like Astroboy ”Obochaman” appears.

-Tomino Yoshiyuki and Nihon-sunrise- Mobilesuits Gundam
He was Astroboy manga(Ambassador Atom) fan in 50s, and scripted many stories of 63 series.
Nihon-sunrise was established by ex-Mushi prodution's staff members, after it bankrupted in 70s.
At first, about character's name,Gundom was Gunboy,Amuro Ray was Temuro Amuro,which means Astoboy, and Tetsuwan Atom. Tem Ray was modeled after Osamu Tezuka.

So,these might not exist,without Astroboy.

Astroboy has mysterious big power that drives many people very much. :ocha:

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Re: Astroboy's great impacts on Japan

Postby Shiyonasan » 1 month ago

It's great to see the impact Astro Boy has had on not only Japan, but the world. :astro:

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Re: Astroboy's great impacts on Japan

Postby Genshi-san » 1 month ago

i allways had a feeling asimo had a connection to atom

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Re: Astroboy's great impacts on Japan

Postby jeffbert » 1 month ago

Interesting stuff, Mustachio! Thanks for sharing.

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