"Astro Boy" 2002 Power Up! Preliminary Version Clip (2002 Pitch)

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"Astro Boy" 2002 Power Up! Preliminary Version Clip (2002 Pitch)

Postby Genshi-san » 2 weeks ago

a 2002 internal dub produced by Marc Handler before the well known dub was picked up, this features the same voice cast as the 2000 pilot.
some info from Marc "Oh, I should clarify one point that you asked about — I did casting and voice directing on the original pilot episode which we used as a sample — that was the version that won first place at the Tokyo International Animation Fair and we used it to help sell the series — however, that was long before Astro Boy was dubbed for US broadcast. On the version that was finally aired in the US, I was not a voice director on that version, I was only an ADR script writer"

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