The 2009 Astro Boy movie is 10 years old

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The 2009 Astro Boy movie is 10 years old

Postby Shiyonasan » 2 weeks ago

One of the biggest Astro Boy releases, and one that caused a resurgence in the Astro Boy fandom at it's time, is officially a decade old.

According to IMDB, the 2009 computer animated Astro Boy movie premiered in Tokyo on October 5, 2009 before being released around the world in several countries over the next 11 months:

It was the final feature length film produced by Imagi Animation Studios before the company shut down on February 5, 2010.

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Re: The 2009 Astro Boy movie is 10 years old

Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 2 weeks ago

I remember seeing the trailer for that movie in the theater. At the time I hadn't thought of Astro Boy since the mid 60's. That was quite a jolt to the memory, and soon after that I discovered both the 1980 and 2003 animes on Hulu, I didn't even know that they existed! I also discovered this site, though I didn't join the forums till a little later. I also later discovered the Fan Fiction site and eventually created my first original Astro story, which was almost novel length. Strangely, I never did see the movie in the theater, I first saw it when it came out on DVD.

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Re: The 2009 Astro Boy movie is 10 years old

Postby Genshi-san » 1 week ago

the film caused me to be ashamed somewhat of my love for tezuka's works, as ifelt the film totaly Ruined atom's first us theatrical debute

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Re: The 2009 Astro Boy movie is 10 years old

Postby jeffbert » 1 week ago

I admit that there were parts that I liked. Yet, overall, I was disappointed. I did enjoy Hamegg, he retained his lowlife scoundrel image / persona. I think it was no more Tetsuwan Atomu than the unlicensed american Comic books were, though even those have some good things about them. :astro:

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Re: The 2009 Astro Boy movie is 10 years old

Postby fafner » 6 days ago

That's exactly that: it was something rather generic (not really bad but not good either), with Astro slapped on it. I remember having some kind of "suspension of disbelief" when seeing Astro's blueprints, as if they had nothing to do there. Oh yes, it IS a movie about Astro Boy :-D
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