Dr. Ochanomizu's Voice Actor Passes Away

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Dr. Ochanomizu's Voice Actor Passes Away

Postby Shiyonasan » 3 weeks ago

And with that, the voice actors for both doctors in the 1963 and 1980 series are gone. :cry:

Amazing that he voiced Dr. Ochanomizu in all 3 original Astro Boy anime series (1963, 1980, 2003). What a career. :ocha:

Rest in peace Katsuta-san.

Sources: Asahi Shinbun, Anime News Network

Anime News Network wrote:Voice Actor Hisashi Katsuta Passes Away


Voice of Astro Boy's Dr. Ochanomizu was 92

The Asahi Shinbun newspaper reported on Saturday that voice actor Hisashi Katsuta passed away on Friday [February 21, 2020] of senility. He was 92.

Katsuta is perhaps best known as the voice of Dr. Ochanomizu in the Astro Boy anime series. He reprised the role in the 1980 and 2003 versions of the anime, as well as in the Astro Boy: Hero of Space and Astro Boy: Shinsen-gumi films and Tezuka Osamu ga Kieta?! 20 Seiki Saigo no Kaijiken anime special. He also voiced Louis XV in The Rose of Versailles television anime, Professor Izumi in the Tōshō Daimos television anime and film, Dr. Hoshi in Astroganger, and Prof. Hideki Tobijima in Groizer X.

He also narrated the Sasuke anime, and has voiced minor roles in such anime as Oishinbo, Megazone 23, Cat's Eye, Dororo, Perman, Jungle Emperor Leo, Kimba the White Lion, Jetter Mars, The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Musashi no Ken, and Kaibutsu-kun: Demon no Ken, as well as other works. He also worked as a narrator of commercials.

Katsuta, along with Mari Shimizu and Yoko Mizugaki, received the Synergy Award at the 3rd Annual Seiyū Awards in 2009.

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