Gunom (グーノン) (Gideon in the English version) is a robot dolphin. He appeared in the episode of the same name named after him, where he was built by Reno.


2003 series

Gideon is a deep sea research robot who takes the form of a dolphin. He was invented by Reno to explore the deep sea, with the most important case being the one about the Phantom Pirate. This scared him to the point where he could not dive. In the end he found courage and bravery.

Akira Himekawa's manga

In Akira Himekawa's manga adaption of the anime series, Gideon's name is Gunom. Like in the anime, Gunom is a cowardly robot dolphin originally made for deep sea research. However, he was designed by Dr. Kazuya Oki instead of Reno.