Random Astroboy LineArt Dump

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adrian _68
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Random Astroboy LineArt Dump

Postby adrian _68 » 12 years ago

I guess I will be dumping my Astroboy lineart on this thread from time to time...hope everyone enjoys!!

Astro and Uran in a sort of adventurer theme...

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Postby AstroBoyGF » 12 years ago

awww! atom is sooo cute!^^ uran looks cool! i want her shorts! x3 your really good!^^

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Postby Astro Forever » 12 years ago

Beautiful, really... thank you so much for sharing!!!!

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Postby Legeremain99 » 12 years ago

:D Adrian68 that picture is great. I love it. Astro and Uran both look so adorable. Thanks so much. ;) :)

-Legeremain99 :D :astro:

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Postby TasZero » 12 years ago

They're great. You have great art talent, unlike myself...
Keep it up
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Postby jeffbert » 12 years ago

:heart: Great work, adrian _68; but I just cannot imagine Uran dressed that way. :D

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Postby fafner » 12 years ago

"jeffbert" wrote: :heart: Great work, adrian _68; but I just cannot imagine Uran dressed that way. :D

Well, now you can :p
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Postby Dragonrider1227 » 12 years ago

Wow! Incredible work! Uran is wearing awfully... little though ^^;
But it's still an awesome drawing

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The Boeing Kid
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Postby The Boeing Kid » 4 years ago

Uran is so cute!

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