if you could redo the infamous 2009 movie what would you change or fix?

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if you could redo the infamous 2009 movie what would you change or fix?

Postby pinkeatom28 » 3 weeks ago

helo everyone! i wanna start a discution! ah the 2009 movie... pepole have many mixed opinons on this movie. i presonaly quite like it (altrough not as much as the other versons) but we can all agree it could have been much beter. but how could it have been better? let's discuss! here's what i would do:
first off: make it 2d or cell shaded stlyelized 3d. also loyal to tezuka's artstlye (not necessarily identical but similar engough)
i would stil have a presdent as a bad guy but he would be duke red and if he gott elected he would pass an anti robot bil justifying he being an astroboy vilan.
the RRF would stil be there but they would be led by the blue knigth who's secretly the peacekeeper
hoshie (dr tenma's wife) would be there altrough she would die early on due to an acdent. her deth would cause tenma's range and make him snap at astro and tell him to get out.
the movie would foccus much more on the robot rigths aspect that in the og movie was pretty much a joke
dr ochanomizu/elfun/oshay would play an bigger role and adopt astro like in every other verson
post credit scene with uran
that's all! leme know what you guys think and what would you guys change or fix in your redo!

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Re: if you could redo the infamous 2009 movie what would you change or fix?

Postby jeffbert » 2 weeks ago

Welcome to the forum, pinkeatom28! :lol:

I am an originalist, and much prefer Tezuka's actual works. As far as I know, this film was largely influenced by Western ideas, as it was expected to do well in American movie theaters. I could be wrong, though. I have not bothered to find out much about it. I did view it once.

  1. I think the way Tobio was killed was too explicit. Mothers really do not want to try to minimize what was obvious death and try to convince their kids, Tobio was O.k.
  2. Tobio was supposed to be a boy genius, but he acted like a 6 year old; completely lacking any common sense. In the 2003 series Tobio is very upset by his father's disregard for the 'lives' of robots. This cause his accident. Also, he was much younger that as depicted in the 2009 film[
  3. Tobio was about 14 in this film. Too old; should have been preadolescent, as in other versions.

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