Astroboy "Neon Express" 700kbps Real Video 10

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Postby cybotron » 16 years ago

Just in time for Xmas, The Neon Express.....Alllll Aboard


The Repressed "Lost" Uncut Japanese version.
Cyber Ninja, All Aboard ...  :p h34r:  :p h34r:  :p h34r:

I produced this with the new Real Producer 10 Helix Technology @ 700kbps cbr, 128kbps stereo nice.
Enjoy. :) This is a New Vidmix made from a new Computer Color enhanced .mpg. The new Vidmix is a must see....

Wow I had to wait until the train was ready to depart....
NOW...  Did you become a Real Astroboy? :P
Let me get this straight... I want to make sure I understand this. The entire Technostructure of the Michiko Ginsa Cyber Elite switched trains because the Neon Express Anime WAS BEING sabotaged. :D
ImageI actually got this for Xmas
[sigpic][/sigpic]Safe :ninja:

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Postby putrocca » 15 years ago

Did the rest of you who saw this episode also think this was a very strange way to represent Kato a.k.a Rainbow Parakeet? In his manga he's not a terrorist, he's an actor and master-thief. Sure he's a criminal and a greedy bastard, but in a good way, like Black Jack. I'm not sure where this odd adaptation came from - any ideas?

For those not familiar with the Rainbow Parakeet (Nanairo Inko) manga, here's a link:

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