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Postby Tobiofan » 8 years ago

The 2003 series was amazing, just like all the other ones. You might not like the series for specific reasons, but there one thing that will always make this series good. And that fact is that its about Astro and all the other memorable characters we know and love. In the end, thats all that matters. :astro:
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Postby atomicrush » 8 years ago

My thoughts on this were that the 2003 series was very good and had a good quality even though it was dark. I loved the balance between humans and robots as well :)
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Postby Bender the Sniper » 8 years ago

I HATE the electronic music for the dub, and Astro's new attitude in the dub.

This dub makes it look more like Tezuka ripped off Mega Man, instead of the other way around.
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Postby Prettywitchiusaka » 8 years ago

I actually have rather mixed feelings about the dubbed score. I actually don't mind it all that much. In fact, I kind of like it.That being said,I also REALLY like the Japanese score,and it honestly works better for the show in question.

The way I see it, the dub soundtrack actually works well for when things get intense during the plot (not that they don't in Japanese either, but you get my point), while the Japanese soundtrack actually helps to bring out the shows more innocent, and sometimes melancholy side as well.

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Postby Astra4822 » 8 years ago

:d evil: I love Astro boy 2003 version :d evil:
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