Black Jack Anime on Prime

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Black Jack Anime on Prime

Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 1 year ago

After watching "Atom the Beginning" on Amazon prime with the Firestick, I discovered that they also have the Black Jack animes on there too. While ATB was only subbed, the Black Jack anime was both dubbed and subbed. It may have been possible to revert it back to the Japanese language soundtrack, but I couldn't find that in the settings. This is the first time I've every seen Black Jack dubbed into English. This video otherwise appears to be the same as the Anime Sols DVDs that I purchased some years back. For some reason they seem to use both the "Pin-a-co" and "Pen-o-co" pronunciation of Pinoco in different places.

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Postby myrtle » 1 year ago

I was just watching that a few days ago. it's a shame they don't have the original Japanese audio, in my opinion the English voice acting was so abysmal that I couldn't bring myself to keep watching LOL

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