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Postby Hikari Tail » 8 years ago

I love animation and comic books,
BUT only a few series had a huge impact on me that would last with me after more then 10 years,
Alfred J Kwack and The Simpsons made me love cartoons,
Kiki's delivery service made me love anime,
Astro Boy made me love Comic books.
Osamu Tezuk's work made me wanted to be a comic artist!

But Digimon gets a special place as well. Unlike Pokemon anime whose impact have died down for me after I got older ( still like the movies ) Digimon aged to me well even with its flaws.

I have not seen the new season yet but I loved the the first 4 seasons and I like the 5th season which I sill need to finish, I specially love Digimon because its not the monsters that you come for its the children characters that you adore the most.
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