When was your first time using the Internet?

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When was your first time using the Internet?

Postby AstroAllies » 2 years ago

I believe that some of the members here are Internet addict, and so do I. :lol: Of course, we are connected through the Internet.

But, do you remember the moment when you're using the Internet for the first time? I will start with my story.

It happened several years ago, when I became a fan of Astro Boy and I was still using Nokia N70. There was a Yahoo Images feature in that phone, and I used it to search AB photos. At the time I didn't know that Yahoo Images feature uses the Internet, and wastes my credit too. After having done, I checked my phone credit, then realized the credit has reduced to a half. :lol:

That was my first time using the Internet. Around a following year, I started using a ADSL modem to access Internet, but then disconnected that months later because of bad service from the ISP. As of now, I'm using cellular network through a USB modem.
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Postby Kitty Lue » 2 years ago

It'll be interesting to read about everyone's first time using he internet, especially with us being all different ages and from different places around the world. :lol:

I'm not sure I can even remember my first time using the internet, since my family had an internet connection since before I was born (though we had dial-up until I was in about the middle of elementary school). I do have a few stories about internet connection and use early in my life. I'll probably only tell one for now since I take so long to decide how to write messages like this. :rolleyes:
It was either my mom or dad who told me that, when having the house built that we live in now, we had two phone lines; one for the home phone and one for the dial-up connection. (fancy! :lol :) This proved to be too expensive, though, so one line was disconnected. So the home phone and modem shared the same line, meaning that the phone could not send or recieve calls while the modem was in use. So one day when I was in elementary school, I was sick and had to go to the sick room while someone in the school office staff tried to call my mom. Well, the previous day my sister had been sick, so she was at home. She was feeling better at that time, though, so she and my mom got online to play some math games. So try as they might, the office staff could not get a call through to my mom because the home phone was disconnected in favor of the modem. This went on for at least an hour. A winner is me! :lol:

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Postby Tetsuwan Penguin » 2 years ago

Technically, it was back in the late 1980's (!) because I worked for a company that had access to the ARPANET, which was the precursor to what became the internet. There was no WWW back then (I don't think the HTTP protocol had yet been invented), but there was email, and newsgroups.

I first got on the internet via dialup sometime around 1992. Over a period of time I upgraded modems from 14400, 28k, and 56k baud. Later we got our first 'broadband' connection using ISDL (a clone of ISDN and DSL) at 156K, and finally DSL from "Ma Bell". We now have AT&T's Uverse DSL & VoIP phone.

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Postby Juanita » 2 years ago

Honestly, I don't think I can pinpoint exactly the first time I used the internet, but I've been using it since I was pretty young. The earliest memories of the internet I have are playing games on the PBSKids website (with my parents' help obviously) when I was around 5. The first thing I remember doing on my own was probably playing Club Penguin when it was very early in development (rip). We still had our clunky 90's computer.
Not super interesting, but I was only like 5-9 :p

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Postby fafner » 2 years ago

I used the Internet for the first time somewhere in the late 90s (I think it was in 1996 or 1997). I was at the university, and I used to work with the same person for all the projects. However, we didn't live in the same country, so we used the university server to transfer our working files using FTP. With a small dial-up modem, even small files took forever :D
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Postby DrFrag » 2 years ago

I started using BBSs with FidoNet in 1988 which had a UseNet gateway to access message boards, so I guess that was my first Internet use. My first connection speed was 300bps so the text downloaded about as fast as you could read it.

You could download pictures from BBSs but they were all hosted by local providers. This was the first picture I downloaded from the actual WWW, September 1996:

click for spoilerImage

It was from a Japanese web site. I remember being amazed that I'd just transferred a picture from overseas.

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Postby Shiyonasan » 2 years ago

I don't remember exactly when I first used the internet, but I started regularly using the internet around 2004.

I remember my parents had some sort of DOS computer in the 1990s that didn't have internet; all I remember about it was that it had a keyboard with different color keys on it. My parents then got a Gateway computer in 1999, and that was the first time they had a computer with internet (it was of course dial-up at the time). I probably got on the internet a few times on that Gateway computer between 1999-2004, but since I was just an elementary school student at the time, it wasn't for much more than playing games on it. But 2004 was when I started to get on the internet regularly (though I had to share it with my family). My earliest memory of getting on the internet was looking up info for a Dragon Ball Z game called Budokai 3 in 2004.

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Postby jeffbert » 2 years ago

I had one of those dial-up all-in-one things, though the name -- maybe Juno? may have been forgotten. I still remember YESTERDAYLAND. :cry:

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Postby Shiyonasan » 2 years ago

"jeffbert" wrote:I had one of those dial-up all-in-one things, though the name -- maybe Juno? may have been forgotten.

Probably was Juno. That's what I used back in the early 2000s for internet.

I remember using Netscape Navigator a bit too.

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Re: When was your first time using the Internet?

Postby Astro Forever » 2 years ago

I typed my answer here, hit the "Preview" button, and that turned out to be the exact moment the old forum went down!

So... my first time was at the end of August or beginning of September 1996. I had just bought my first ever computer and was super excited. I couldn't wait to get online, but I was waiting for my semester to start because being a student, it was cheaper that way. I had a maximum of 15 hours per week, and I was using a 28K modem - twice as fast as what many people had at the time. I have no memory of the first websites I visited.

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