Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atomu 100,000 kounen no raihousha: IGZA

Known on English websites as Astro Boy–Visits the Person, IGZA–100,000 Light Years Away and sometimes Astro Boy vs. IGZA for short. This is 40 minute IMAX film made by Tezuka Productions in 2005 and distributed by Sarai Inc.1) It is in Japanese language only.

In the film there are new characters, including: IGZA, Arifi, Yuna and her grandfather.


The story begins with Atom and his class having boarded the spaceship Galileo II, on a trip to Saturn's satellite, named Titan. However at Titan, they encountered IGZA.

Having a virus, IGZA needs Atom's body to cure it. Taking Atom, IGZA decides to destroy the people of Earth as he wants to create a world of machine lifeforms. But Atom resists IGZA and wishes to protect those people.