Tetsuwan Atom: The Earth's Last Day

Tetsuwan Atom: The Earth's Last Day (鉄腕アトム ~地球最後の日~) is a short film approximately 15 minutes long. It first appeared July 20, 20011).


The film begins with Bem and some other fighting robot soldiers on a star of rubbish, Bem is a runaway robot. Later, Atom comes to the same star and finds Bem, he takes Bem with him back to Professor Ochanomizu whom helps Bem recover energy.

After awakening, Bem becomes frightened and runs off. Atom chases after Bem, when caught up, he tries to comfort Bem. Bem reveals he hates fighting and is afraid of being captured, so Atom invites Bem to come to Earth. However the conversation is then cut off as the security summoned by the alert arrives, assuming Bem is dangerous. Atom tries to convince the security that Bem is not bad, but Bem assumes Atom to have tricked him and once again runs off. When the security tries to shoot at Bem, Atom catches up just in time to shield him. Soon Professor Ochanomizu tells them to stop shooting, after the shooting seizes, Atom collapses from all the damage obtained.

After the incident, the worried Bem watches over Atom as the Professor makes temporary repairs to Atom. The Professor briefly comforts Bem, informing him Atom can be completely repaired back on Earth. While the Professor went to get some rest, Bem stayed by Atom's side.

On Earth, Atom and Bem become good friends, also enjoying performing heroic deeds together. However, one day Bem suddenly collapses and the rubbish star unexpectedly approached the Earth, causing the threat of a possible explosion from the collision. Defences try to destroy it, but to no success. Having failed, they consider Atom trying instead. The weakened Bem informs the star is looking for him, and decides to return to the star to protect the Earth from a collision. Of course the police agree with Bem's idea, but Atom does not want Bem to die, hoping for another way. However Bem ran away to go to the star anyway.

Atom follows Bem, whom is now connected to wiring on the rubbish star. Atom attempts to rip the wires out of Bem, attempting to save him but the star explodes, although a safe enough distance from Earth.

Atom and Bem assumed dead, Professor Ochanomizu grieves the apparent loss. However the two actually safely arrived back on Earth, having been shielded from the explosion of the star. The Professor welcomes them back, relieved.