Astro Boy (Akira Himekawa manga)

Astro Boy (アストロボーイ・鉄腕アトム, ASTRO BOY Tetsuwan Atomu in Japan) is a comic book spanning 3 volumes, based loosely on the 2003 TV series of the same name, and illustrated by Akira Himekawa.

It was published by Shogakukan in 2003 and 2004. It later received an English release in 2006, published by Chuang Yi and distributed by Madman Entertainment. It was also published by Panini Comics in French.

A lot of the characters keep their original name in the English translation, including Astro as Atom and Zoran as Uran. Sometimes the names are left in a romaji spelling, for example Epsilon is Epushiron. However some names are different, using a similar sounding name such as Tobio as Toby, or a translation such as Denkou as Lightning.



  • In volume 3, it is revealed Professor Tenma is a character Akira Himekawa admired very much since childhood.
  • Akira Himekawa (姫川 明) is the pen name of two female comic artists. They also have separate pen names: A. Honda (本田A) and S. Nagano (長野S).