Jetter Mars

Jetter Mars is essentially the second animated version of Mighty Atom, though the main characters are obviously not Atom, Uran, Dr. Tenma, or Dr. Ochanomizu, but what seem to be imitations. Rather, Mars, the title character, while similar to Atom, is very different in important ways, as are the three primary supporting characters. Beyond this group, Atom's characters from school are the same; Tamao, Kenichi, and school bully Shibugaki as well as their teacher Higeoyaji are the same as before, though they are depicted as shorter and rounder than earlier versions. The official Tezuka website gives scant details on this series, but does indicate that there were legal issues regarding the Mighty Atom corpus since Tezuka's Mushi Productions went bankrupt.

Several of Atom's adventures are revisited in this series, and plot elements from others are also used. Moreover, plot elements from Tezuka's other series are also featured.

Below is the episode list with the English translated episode title listed in the first column followed by the episode title in Japanese in the second column. The English translations are not official since Jetter Mars was never released in an English-speaking country.

NumberTranslated NameJapanese NameAir Date
1 Mars' Birth In The Year Of 20152015年マルス誕生February 3, 1977
2 Robot Smuggling Gangロボット密輸団February 10, 1977
3 Why Mars Criesマルスなぜ泣くFebruary 17, 1977
4 Goodbye, Little Brother!!さようならオトウト!!February 24, 1977
5 The Best Robot Talent In Historyタレントの名はマルスMarch 3, 1977
6 The Girl That Came from the Star of Dreams夢の星から来たドリーMarch 10, 1977
7 Miri Disappeared消えた美理March 17, 1977
8 Where Did Dad Goお父さんどこ行ったの?March 24, 1977
9 Lamp Deals With Outer Space宇宙の始末人ランプMarch 31, 1977
10 A Younger Brother Called Melchi弟の名はメルチApril 7, 1977
11 Freshman Mars新入生マルスApril 14, 1977
12 James Bond, Secret Agentヒミツ諜報員ジャムボンドApril 21, 1977
13 Honey, The Robot Transfer Studentロボット転校生ハニーApril 28, 1977
14 The Vampire From Outer Space宇宙からの吸血鬼May 5, 1977
15 Melchi's Favourite MonsterメルチのすきなモウスターMay 12, 1977
16 Zaza, The Wandering Planetさまよえる惑星ザザMay 19, 1977
17 The Samurai Robot from the Seventh Year of the Tenpō Era天保七年サムライロボットJune 2, 1977
18 Resurrecting An Ancient Robotよみがえる古代ロボットJune 16, 1977
19 Mars' First Loveマルスの初恋June 23, 1977
20 Mars Becomes Young Oyabunマルス若親分になるJune 30, 1977
21 Iron Arm Robot Joe鉄腕ロボット・ジョーJuly 7, 1977
22 The Lullabye Of An Androidアンドロイドの子守唄July 21, 1977
23 The Wandering RobotさすらいのロボットJuly 28, 1977
24 Another Miriもう一人の美理August 18, 1977
25 The Wolf Boy From Outer Space宇宙の狼少年September 1, 1977
26 The Return Of 'Adios’帰ってきたアディオスSeptember 8, 1977
27 Wings Flapping Towards Tomorrow明日に向かって羽ばたけ!September 15, 1977


Jetter Mars is voiced by Mari Shimizu, who is the same voice actress who voices Atom in the 1960s series and 1980 series.

The soundtrack for Jetter Mars was composed by Nobuyoshi Koshibe, who also composed the soundtracks for Speed Racer, Doraemon, Sazae-san, and a few other anime.