Tetsuwan Atomu: Ao Kishi no Kan / Shinsengumi

Tetsuwan Atom: Chapter of the Blue Knight (鉄腕アトム ~青騎士の巻~), also known as Tetsuwan Atom/Shinsengumi (鉄腕アトム/新撰組), is a short film approximately 11 minutes long. It first appeared July 20, 1999.


The Phoenix tells and recaps the tales of Atom. With the same heart as humans, Atom is dedicated to justice, love and friendship. He surely believes someday an understanding with humans will come.

Following this recap; Atom confronts Blue Bon (the Blue Knight) and asks him to stop his hatred against humans. However Blue Bon, whom hates humans for breaking apart his family, assumes that if Atom does not agree then he is an enemy. A battle begins between the two after Atom fails to convince Blue Bon that they aren't each others' enemy.

The battle is interrupted by General Lamp and his airborne subordinates; causing Blue Bon to attempt to attack them, but Atom stops him. This results in the General and his subordinates getting a chance to strike them and the two crash into a building. Atom worries upon finding that Blue Bon is injured. Immediately after, Uran and the two Doctors Ochanomizu and Los appear.

Professor Los and Blue Bon then speak of Blue Bon's past and the cruelty humans have shown robots. Shortly, Blue Bon resumes his fight with Atom, as their friends worry and the subordinates attack. During the fight, General Lamp is informed Uran is also a robot and his subordinates try to attack her, but Atom destroys the missiles.

Just as Atom's power is beginning to run low, one of the airborne vehicles crashes into the building he and the others are still on top of. Small explosions start and the building begins to slowly collapse. With his powerful hearing, Atom hears the sound of the citizens frightful cries and decides he must stop the building from completely collapsing. But it is no use because Atom's power is too low.

Blue Bon, having remembered more about his family, has a change of heart and takes Atom's place to hold up the building. He instructs Atom to help his friends and Professor Los. Just as Atom gets the others to safety, a huge explosion goes off.

After, Blue Bon is found laying in the rubble, he and Atom have one last conversation before he closes his eyes. Doctor Ochanomizu lends a hand onto Atom's shoulder as they both watch the sun set, still believing an understanding between humans and robots will come someday.


Screens during the beginning.

  • The beginning features many screens coming and going, showing scenes from the 1980's TV series.
  • When the Blue Knight is explaining his past, while flashbacks of Maria and Tonto are shown, a young Atlas also briefly appears along with some others from the 1980's TV series.
  • Although the film is apparently based on the 1980's TV series, Uran is taller and with a different outfit resembling her old pink dress.