Astro's Powers

Throughout the different series, Astro Boy has featured a variety of powers.

Astro's PowersManga1963198020032009 movie2014
Eyeslightslights (polarized in Zero, the Invisible Robot), source of water for fire fighting in The Mad Beltwaylightssensors and lightslights or some sort of X-rayn/a
Jetshands and feetfeet only (hands only in episode 140)hands and feetfeet onlyfeet only
Finger lasernot seen until the later episodes in the 1980s animen/ablue beamthin yellow beamn/an/a
Arm cannononly in the 2003 series and the 2009 movie
Rear machine gunsall except the 2003 and 2014 anime
Earsall except the 2014 anime

1980s series

EyesAstro's eyes also double as powerful search lights, allowing him to see in any situation.
EarsAstro's ears are able to magnify his hearing by 1000 times, allowing him to hear great distances.
FingersAstro's index fingers house powerful lasers capable of cutting through almost any surface.
Arms & LegsAstro's arms and legs are both able to transform into rocket jets allowing him to fly.
HipsAstro's hips house a powerful machine gun. Although technically in his hips, the way Astro is animated makes it appear as though the guns are coming from his backside.