Higeoyaji (also known as Shunsaku Ban, Mr. Mustachio, and Daddy Walrus) is a character with many names, appearing in several versions of Astro Boy.


Original manga


1960s series


1980s series

In this series, Higeoyaji is Astro's teacher, however he is shown to be a private eye among other things. Higeoyaji is somewhat cowardly while having a brave front, but he is a strong supporter of robots' rights and doesn't hesitate to make that very clear. He can be loud, especially when short tempered, otherwise he is portrayed as kind and friendly.

He is known as Daddy Walrus in the English version.

2003 series


Feature Film

Mr. Mustachio makes a brief appearance as Toby's teacher.

Little Astro Boy (2014 series)



In the Japanese version of the 1960s series, his first voice actor is Masaaki Yajima and second voice actor is Ayao Wada.

In the 1980s series, he is voiced by Kazuo Kumakura in the Japanese version and by Bob Gonzalez in the English version.

In the 2009 feature film, he is voiced by Ryan Stiles.