Tobio (also known as Toby and Astor) is the nine-year-old son of Dr. Tenma. After being killed in a tragic accident, Dr. Tenma invented a robot to replace him. This robot is known as Astro.


Original Manga


1960s Series

One day, Tobio was enjoying a drive around town in his father's car. While doing this, he crashes his car into a semi-truck and dies. Dr. Tenma later comes and carries Tobio's body away from the scene of the accident. Tobio later appears in the episode Mystery of the Metal Men after Astro ends up in a alternate dimension.

1980s Series

One night, Skunk came to Tobio's house in order to try to trick Dr. Tenma into putting Omega Factor into one of his robots. After Dr. Tenma forced Skunk to leave, Tobio suggested that his father should make a boy robot. Inspired, Dr. Tenma changes the plans for robot #5 to fit Tobio's suggestion. Tobio then calls his father to remind him that he had promised Tobio he would take him to an amusement park. Dr. Tenma then tells Tobio to go home, causing Tobio to attempt to run away. During this time he crashed his car into a semi-truck. Later, in the Tokyo Hospital, he asks his dad to name the robot after him and to love it instead of him as well. He then dies. In this version, Tobio has a loyal dog named Jump who later becomes Astro's dog.

2003 Series

Tobio first appeared during a flashback Astro had while running a three-legged race. He was then seen in a flashback Astro had when he was unconscious. The flashback showed how Tobio felt about his father neglecting him. He then appeared in a vision walking sadly in the rain in front of Astro, and led Astro to what was Tobio's former house. While exploring, Astro had another vision of Tobio talking with Dr. Tenma. Dr. Ochanomizu then came and explained to Astro what happened to Tobio. Tobio made many other appearances in flashbacks, but it wasn't until the final episode that the complete story was revealed. Dr. Tenma had taken Tobio to his work for the first time. He showed Tobio an area in the Ministry where they recycled old robots. Dr. Tenma then told Tobio of his plans to replace Robita, Tobio's nannybot. Upset by this, Tobio told his father that Robita was his best friend and that all he wanted was his father. He then ran off and got on the new air bike his father gave him and rode off just to be hit by a semi-truck and killed.


In the 2009 movie, Toby is first seen at his high school. After acing a pop quiz, Toby leaves and gets in his car. Afterwards, he has a discussion with his dad, which at the time he learns about the unveiling of the Peacekeeper, Toby hacks his robot butler, Orrin, and goes off to the Ministry of Science. Toby then gets caught and is allowed to tag along until he upsets President Stone. While being thrown and locked into a closet by and escorting guard, he steals the guard's pass card and runs off to watch the Peacekeeper unveiling. At this time, he goes farther in to get a closer look when Dr. Tenma closes the shield in order to make sure the Peacekeeper, who is now trying to attack them, can't hurt them. However, Toby gets stuck on the other side of the shield and, since the shield was having an error, can't get to safety. As a result, when the Peacekeeper tries to destroy the shield, Toby was vaporized instead.