Before and after deconstruction.

Livian (リビアン, transliterated as Ribian) is a character from the 1980s TV series.

She started out as the robot maid of Walpur Guiss. When Atlas had been created, she became an alternate source for guidance and comfort for him. When one day Livian had accidentally destroyed a statue while cleaning, Walpur Guiss has her dismantled as punishment, angering Atlas. Although Atlas himself was badly damaged after seeking revenge upon Walpur Guiss, Atlas manages to restore himself and Livian.

After being rebuilt by Atlas, Livian often accompanies Atlas inside his crystal castle, continuing to be a sort of guidance towards him. Although Atlas usually ignores her pleas to refrain from violence.

Livian was voiced by Keiko Yokozawa (横沢啓子) in the Japanese dub.1)


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