Atlas is an ambiguous character often tied with Astro, sometimes being depicted as his brother. He is often evil but may sometimes display honor and act in a good way, and on occasion he and Astro may even be allies (for example, during Atlas Forever).


1980s series

Astro and Atlas dueling in the 1980s series

In the 1980s series, Atlas was built from the stolen blueprints used for creating Astro by the criminal Skunk. His facial features as well as body varies slightly, but are however in the same proportions. Unlike Astro, he had a circuit known as the Omega Factor, a device that allows a robot to actively hurt humans. The original purpose of this being installed is because Atlas was used to commit crimes, however this plan backfired and he turned on his masters while also developing a hatred towards humankind. Early in the series, Atlas' body is severely damaged along with the household robot servant Livian, who cares for him dearly.

Atlas rebuilds his body, as well as Livian's, into warrior-like adults. Afterwards, Atlas remains Astro's rival with the sole thought of destroying him. He finally allies with Astro in “Atlas Forever” and sacrifices himself (after some convincing by Astro), implying that he has finally learned the value of humanity and that not all humans are “evil”.

2003 series

In the 2003 series, Atlas' real name is Daichi, created by Dr. Tenma as a “son” to Tokugawa, who is head of Tokugawa Industries (in a similar way to how he created Astro for himself). At first, Tokugawa cared for him dearly and even gave him a holographic atlas as a birthday present, saying that they will one day go to the Moon together. However, this never became a reality, and as a result of work, Tokugawa started to become more harsh and cared less for his robot son. Tokugawa asks Tenma to erase his sons memory (even the good ones), as a result. Tenma obliges, but installs the ability for him to “transform” into Atlas. During a meeting, Daichi deliberately sabotages it, and changing into Atlas wrecks havoc. Astro attempts to stop him, but is no match for Atlas' strength. Atlas almost destroys him, but hesitates at the last second and spares Astro, claiming that they are more related than he thought, and that they are “brothers” (as they are built by the same person).

Atlas stows away on a rocket bound for a Moon mining site owned by his father and proceeds to destroy it. Astro also goes, and he and Atlas fight. Meanwhile, Tokugawa also heads there, realizing that Atlas is too dangerous and needs to be destroyed. Tokugawa attempts to shut him down, however fails as Atlas knocks his plasma pistol out of his hand. Atlas proceeds to destroy his father, however his body has sustained too much damage, and as a result, he misses the shot. This opens up a space vacuum, and Tokugawa loses his grip, however Atlas saves him, and sacrifices himself since he cannot get back, drifting off into open space.

Several episodes after, Atlas appears in “Atlas Strikes Back”, where he was found in the asteroid belt by a human scavenger, but was destroyed at the end.

Atlas was featured in a reappearance (implying he was rebuilt) in “Showdown in Robotonia” where he was one of Astro's allies.

Strangely, Atlas, despite being equal horsepower to Astro (in both series), is not a member of the World's Strongest Robots, and hence Pluto didn't fight him.


In the 1980s series, he is voiced by Katsuji Mori in the Japanese version and by Paul Nelson in the English version.

In the 2003 series, he is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama in the Japanese version and by Greg Cipes in the English version.