Nyoka (ニョーカ, translated as “Nyōka”) (also known as Niki and Nuka) is a robot character who first appeared in the 52nd and final episode of the 1980s series, Astro's First Love.


1980s series

Appearance in the TV series.

Nyoka (known as Niki in the English dub) looks like a beautiful young girl. She was created by Dr. Rindolf with the help of stolen blueprints that were also used to create Astro Boy. Although of similar design, Nyoka cannot fly nor does she seem to have any weapons. However, inside her is a neutron bomb which makes up a lot of her internals.

Portrayed as caring and clever, Nyoka decided to help Astro, but this causes Dr. Rindolf to activate the bomb inside her in an attempt to eliminate Astro along with her. Due to circumstances likely similar to that of Robio and Robiette, Nyoka and Astro fall in love during their short time together.

In the end, because the original plans and Dr. Rindolf's other robots had been destroyed, Niki was unable to be rebuilt after Dr. Rindolf deconstructed her to stop the bomb he activated. As a favor, Astro asks Dr. Ochanomizu to have Nyoka's legs attached to him so she'd always be a part of him.

The Japanese voice of Nyoka was done by Mari Okamoto. As the English ending credits just list the voice actors' names, it's not specifically said which one voiced Niki. The character only appears in the episode called Astro's First Love.

Omega Factor

Appearance in Omega Factor.

Nuka appeared as the daughter of Duke Red in Omega Factor, but is also actually an elaborate robot. In addition, she has a connection to the Death Mask.

Similar to the 1980s series, Astro Boy and Nuka become good friends whom develop some feelings for each other. Nuka's personality and visual appearance are also similar.


  • In Morse code, Niki spells out her name N-I-K-I (Nyo-o-ka in the Japanese version).